Homemade Bread

It’s something that makes a house smell like a home, freshly baked bread. I don’t have a bread machine or any of those fancy things. However, I did find some yeast packets on sale at Aldi’s.

Homemade Bread - Sliced Loaf

I tried my hand at several dough types over the past few months, my pie crust is finally getting manageable 3-4 pies later, my tortillas are still in dire straights, but my bread is really starting to get there and it’s only been one loaf! I followed this recipe, Crusty French Bread, mostly at least. I skimped out on the cornmeal, egg wash, and a few minutes of resting in between steps. Near the thickest part of the loaf, it was a tiny bit doughy, but I could’ve sliced it up and re-toasted the center slices if the toddler wasn’t screaming to eat. The bread came out very thickly-packed, but it was still very satisfying with some garlic butter. Maybe if I had kneaded it more it would have been more aerated.

Homemade Bread - Crossview


2 thoughts on “Homemade Bread

  1. More kneading makes a tougher loaf. It kneads to be balanced, The bread just looks really good for a first attempt. Do you want me to send my best recipe to try ?

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