Rift and Reservations

I spent a couple of weekends ago, playing the Rift beta 4. I was supposed to meet up with the MMOReporter crew eventually, but they’re all playing on the Defiant side of the game (boo). The only chance I have to run into them is if they manage to come through an invasion rift. I guess I can dig their love for machines rather than the Guardian’s religious zealotry. Honestly, I just like the areas for Guardians better. It’s prettier. It’s lighter. It just feels like the sunny side of the street. And I can get behind that sometimes 😉

I really want to play this game when it comes out. The game is so visually stunning and addictive that I absolutely should NOT purchase this game when it’s released. I already run into the problems with trying to keep up with housework, mmorpgs, family, and everything else. This game would most likely be the final nail in the coffin for one of those categories, and I’m sure you can guess which ones would suffer immediately.

There’s something about this game. You can attempt to pull back and analyze if it’s actually a good game and it’s an impossible task. The fact remains that it’s addictive. That something special that jumps out and grabs you by the proverbial gonads and makes you spend countless hours grinding away with too much satisfaction. After staying away from the Beta this time through, I can confidently say that I don’t really like Rift. Unfortunately that’s about as committal as I can be with that opinion. I could easily play it, especially if it offered a Free-to-play or freemium option. Now that I’ve been away from a subscription per month game for 6 months or so, I just can’t see myself paying monthly to play a game anymore.


3 thoughts on “Rift and Reservations

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  2. Is it the pay-to-play, or the addictive nature of the game that matters most?

    I’m intrigued to know which aspects of the game were most addicting. Achievements of any sorts? Continual character progression/improvement through traits like LotRO? Crafting grind to always improve weapons and armor?

    My guild, Covenant of the Phoenix, has a Rift Chapter that has been involved in the beta testing for some time now. Recently they went through the mid-late instances, but I’ve not been able to keep a close eye on everything they have been doing.


    I’m hearing many things about treasures, puzzles, a Zone control ala Warhammer.

    Many of the comments I get about this game are “it’s a better Warhammer/WoW” with better class/talent system.

    From what I am seeing, it is still fairly WoW-esque, but with some improved systems.

    • I think with it being pay to play it weighs about 30-70 with my ability to pull away when my son asks me a question. I find it easier to stop in the middle of a town when it comes to playing games like lotro or gw and that’s something important to a mom-gamer. Granted, any player gets annoyed when they die at login because a rift spawned on top of them while offline.

      Clearing the map of rifts was definitely one of the most addicting aspects. I didn’t get into PvP but that’s mainly because I’m not a min-maxer sort of player. At one point, I had cleared off all my quests and had no idea where to progress to, so for the next few hours all I did was roam the countryside and close rifts or defeat enemy incursions.

      It’s not friendly towards those players that are completionists. There is an achievement system and additional achievements for being the first person on the server to gain them. There’s an antiquities system where you gather artifacts that randomly spawn throughout the world.

      If you’ve looked at the soul system (http://www.killtenrats.com/2011/02/17/rift-starting-soul-guide/) they use for character progression, you’ll understand the absurdity that is character development in Rift.

      I haven’t done much as far as grouped content, I’ve mostly played by myself and done drive-by heals like I normally do in other persistent mmo. I’ve heard great things about Realm of the Fae (lv17-20) but have yet to run it myself.

      It is WoW-esque, but really the only reason I was severely turned off by WoW was the silly cartoon graphics. This game, grabs you out of that cartoon realm and really holds your attention thanks to all the different ways you can customize, advance, and manage your character.

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