Not Dead, Just Dead Tired

I’ve been blogging, for realsies, you guys just haven’t seen any of it. I usually type up blogs on my phone except lately I’ve been running into a weird bug with the windows phone 7 WordPress app. Once the post gets to a certain length it starts to just display blank space and not the words you’ve typed. Maddening when there’s a long post to pen. Or not pen, write? Author? Type? You get the idea.


We’ve been gearing up for the holidays around here. Honeybun is still in the process of learning crawling and she’s started off with some pureed pears as a first real meal. Everyone usually sneaks her something during a big family meal but that’s just how it goes with babies. Pops is obsessed with guns and says he wants every gun he sees. Bad news when he spends the day watching YouTube videos of little boys and paper guns.

Thanksgiving is upcoming so that’s being planned. Sort of. Haphazardly. I bought two 3lb turkey breasts because my oven sucks and I don’t want to risk having a frozen bird after 6 hours of cooking. My oven is also on the small side. We’re keeping it simple this year; turkey breast, stuffing, green bean casserole, candied sweet potatoes, salad, kolache dough rolls, and deviled eggs (Thanks Ranni!) are definitely on the menu. An apple pie may be joining the party but pumpkin is out since I refuse to go to the store during this week. It’s a matter of keeping my sanity.

I got a super awesome birthday present from Benj who didn’t actually notice it was on my Christmas list 😛 He’s a sweetheart for coming up with it on his own. Love it. Gave it an inaugural run tonight for episode 9 and I think it sounded pretty good. You can judge for yourself once it’s uploaded. Unfortunately I wasn’t on the top of my game so Chris will have a fair amount of editing to do >.<

There's a super huge post coming down the line about that quilt I'm still sort of making. Our relationship is complicated. Don't ask, it's definitely a weird quilters thing.

I might blog about Thanksgiving.

I'll definitely blog about the awesome microphone rig I've got.

For now, sleep.


Make your own monstrous windscreen

At about 4pm on Monday I remembered that Tuesday is podcasting night (hey, we’re only on episode 3). I needed a windscreen for my headset microphone. You know, so I wouldn’t blow out my listeners’ eardrums again.

In other news Tuesday night also turned in to an angry baby noise exhibition. Follow through to see my very brief and not very informative tutorial. Continue reading

Barnes & Noble: How to screw customers

I understand that Windows Phone 7 is a new OS. I understand that it’s not nearly as common as an iPhone or Android. I even understand that there are only a few handsets that utilize the platform. They don’t even have CDMA (Sprint, Verizon, etc) models out yet. So maybe B&N just wasn’t looking at WP7 as a viable investment, after all look at what happened to the kin after some interdepartmental bickering.

When your competitor is ahead of you on sales, wouldn’t you want to be ahead if them with innovation? Granted, Amazon has infinitely more money and resources to throw at developing new apps for whatever new device is trending. The fact remains that it was well over a month after OS release that Kindle for WP7 was available on the marketplace. It was also at least 6 months after the development kits had been available from Microsoft. Even with that kind of advanced warning time to prep an app, Nook failed to produce. Continue reading

Kinect Woes

If you think you have just enough room in your living room for a Kinect sensor to work properly, you’re probably wrong. We had it set up in front of where our television used to be, only to find out that 6 feet meant that it would pick up our computer chairs and whomever was seated in them. We didn’t realize that our entertainment stand wasn’t 2 feet off the ground, so we have the sensor resting on top of the Xbox.

I’m not entirely unhappy with this purchase, but I feel like it was way too early for the kiddo. He’s 3 years old, he has the attention span it takes for a short round of peekaboo, unless you’ve got an episode of Caillou playing on Netflix. Setting up the Kinect for him to use, was pretty much impossible. It doesn’t understand people under 4 feet, when we tried to setup the KinectID it displayed his avatar “crumpled” and kneeling. Way too weird, just seeing that made him laugh and act up enough that we tried to restart it 4 times for him. On the fifth try, we just gave up. Too much work. He wants to wave and jump in and play with his “Kitty-Tiger”(Kinectimals) but it’s just not happening. Maybe in a few years.

Thing is, I had problems with it recognizing me. Standing in full light, with no obstructions, it hated me. I understand it’s a new thing; if it doesn’t recognize you when you wave, they should add a tile on the Kinect Hub so that you can try to “wave in” again and get your identity. Rather than having to walk away completely and get it to reset itself, it would be a real time/mind-saver. Watching my child be frustrated wasn’t my idea of fun, and I’m pretty sure he would liked to have avoided that as well. I may just be in a grumpy mood, but that’s still one night that I’m not enjoying my purchase.

Plea for Comments

I’m going to try to make at least 3 posts a week of original content, with varied themes of course. I’m hoping that this will make me appear to be at least a little more noteworthy and help me to convey my ideas more accurately. I know this site receives little love, but that’s not a reason to leave it barren. I’m not expecting to get 50 or 60 hits a day even, but having meaningful comments would be awesome. I know I probably don’t have a reliable readership, aside from my husband and my mother. Having the occasional, well-written constructive comments would be nice. Blargh, this is starting to feel like someone who whines about not being noticed on the internet!

Essentially, I’d love to hear from you. Any feedback would make me fly to the moon. Even if it’s crappy. Even if it means, I get pissed at the internet for a week.

SideWinder X4 Cleaning

So I was singing and playing with Kiddo and he/we spilled some tea. Well, a good 12oz of tea on my keyboard. The one I’m typing on right now, if you can believe it. The magic solution, aside from my SideWinder being awesome, is it has a water channel. That means when liquid is spilled on it, said liquid promptly exits through the holes near the bottom of the keyboard so that it doesn’t get into the actual circuit board and foul up the electronics. It’s a wonderful idea that kept me using a pretty nasty looking Microsoft 600 set. I’d actually been eyeballing Yseangwen’s keyboard for a while but I never really got used to the feel of it. Then I surreptitiously won a keyboard and mouse from SideWinder_24x7!

From past experiences, I can confidently say that the water tracks work really well to get the fluids out quickly. Problem is, it doesn’t all get out from those channels. I did a quick search using the other computer and found out that no one had posted instructions on how to crack the baby open or clean it. Which I found sorta surprising, I mean pretty much every gadget has been taken apart and put back together on YouTube et al. So I decided to semi-document the occasion by taking pictures of screw holes and where they go and so forth. Immediately following a spill here’s a procedure to follow to ensure your shiny keyboard doesn’t spark out like mad. Continue reading

Modern Convenience?

hulu-logo netflixThis afternoon I was in a mood to watch some television. My first thought was to catch up on Naruto Shippuden, bad luck there, I was already caught up as far as Hulu was concerned so I resolved to wait until release date. Then I remembered that one of my favorite movies of all time was on the Hulu frontpage a few weeks ago. Let’s watch High Fidelity. Nope. It’s been removed, oh well. Let’s check on Netflix, it’s not on Instant Play, darn it. Well, wait, didn’t I have that on dvd forever ago? I casually turned in my chair and read through the titles and lo, there it was, happily waiting in its case for me. I find myself glad that I still had an ‘analog’ version of my movie to watch whenever I please. The fact that I didn’t go to my movie shelf straight away is a sign of the times, and the availability and convenience of digital media. I love it. I find it a little strange but I still love the times I live in. You know, as far as digital media… Cue Jack Black singing Let’s Get it On…