Barnes & Noble: How to screw customers

I understand that Windows Phone 7 is a new OS. I understand that it’s not nearly as common as an iPhone or Android. I even understand that there are only a few handsets that utilize the platform. They don’t even have CDMA (Sprint, Verizon, etc) models out yet. So maybe B&N just wasn’t looking at WP7 as a viable investment, after all look at what happened to the kin after some interdepartmental bickering.

When your competitor is ahead of you on sales, wouldn’t you want to be ahead if them with innovation? Granted, Amazon has infinitely more money and resources to throw at developing new apps for whatever new device is trending. The fact remains that it was well over a month after OS release that Kindle for WP7 was available on the marketplace. It was also at least 6 months after the development kits had been available from Microsoft. Even with that kind of advanced warning time to prep an app, Nook failed to produce.

You could argue that all their programmers were hard at work on the new Nook Color, which while we’re on the subject is a step back from where nook should be headed. It’s bulkier, tries to be a tablet PC, and the screen is not fun to stare at for hours on end. Then again, e-ink versus backlit touchscreens has always been a fussy subject for those that choose to debate it.

Or you can take a step back and let Barnes & noble show you that they really don’t care for your business. The generalized response that they give when asked if an app is being worked on is laughable at best. “B&N is working to support many different platforms in the future and we are constantly evaluating and improving our Apps.” That doesn’t even indicate that they’re working on anything at all.

I get it. I told myself I would wait until the end of February for you to get an app on the marketplace or a way for me to read my books online in a cloud(which would be awesome by the way). I’m tired of waiting and my to-read list is getting longer and longer. I won’t buy from you again. It’s really quite sad because of how many people we had tried to convince to go B&N rather than Amazon. Too bad that I’ll be telling all my friends and family how choosing the little guy ended up burning me.

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