Low Carb Lows

Before and after pictures would be pretty pointless at this point. I didn’t anticipate a lot of what’s happened this month. I certainly thought I would’ve lost more than 11lbs/5kg, considering I didn’t cheat at all for the first two weeks. Then we were travelling and we tried very hard but I’m sure we went over a few times. This Saturday when we went to the movies we had to cheat; we go to the movie theater maybe once per year so popcorn was mandatory. Then there’s the matter of insanity that has been my hormones. Out of the past ~5 weeks I’ve been on my period for 3. I had no idea this was common and somewhat “expected” when you’re on keto. That’s okay, I can deal with the extra hassle of it all. But that also means I plateaued for 3 weeks. Which has done glorious things for my own motivation and desire to keep it up. As I’m sure you could understand. Combine that with the meal planning, shopping, cooking, and portion controlling every single meal we’ve eaten for the past month…

Some metrics:WL

  • Neck 3″ loss
  • Underbust 3″ loss
  • Waist 2″ loss
  • Hips 2″ loss
  • Overall loss 11.8lb
  • Average Loss/week 2.9lb
  • Projected date for reaching goal weight: 12/5/14

On International Women’s Day

EDIT: I have a lot to say about the things that make me angry lately. If it’s not your cup of tea then mosey on to another blog in your reader. On International Women’s Day I felt this post (that I’ve had somewhat drafted) to be appropriately updated and published.

Let’s talk women’s health. It’s a sticky icky topic that most men find confusing or just awkward. It needs to be well known. Cecile Richards said on The Daily Show last night that “99% of people use [some form of birth control].” Along with some other juicy factoids like, “For many women, we are their only medical provider, we are their doctor, the one doctor’s visit they get a year is at Planned Parenthood. That’s why, again, I think there’s been this ground-swell of concern when politicians say ‘we’re going to end not only Planned Parenthood but all family planning in America’.” “I did just see some national polling, 69% of American people not only support Planned Parenthood but believe that we should get federal funding to provide the services that we do.”

Then why aren’t 69% of candidates for family planning and preventative health care for women? Because they’re old, white men who want to stay in power and voters aren’t willing to switch sides after 20 years over something that they only slightly care about. If we went to a time where “suddenly” condoms were taken away, abortion clinics shuttered, and women had to go to a full-cost doctor to get prescriptions at full-cost for their daily pill there would be anarchy. Well, ok, not anarchy but we would see an immediate rise in birthrates, infant and mother mortality rates, HIV/AIDS, back-alley dangerous abortions, and the various dwindling of resources that all of that entails. If more teenagers already in bad situations get pregnant constantly, who do you think will be paying for their food stamps, baby’s health insurance, prenatal care, formula, etc.? Preventative care and education is paramount to saving more money and resources in the long term.

“Those are issues [unintended teen pregnancy] that 90% of Americans agree including folks from every religious persuasion.”

My mom was a laymidwife, so my friends had a habit of asking me just about any sexual related question under the sun. Some of the questions I got from not just boys, but girls too were appalling. From getting pregnant while on their periods to when/what is douche. Someone had actually asked me if they could get pregnant from giving a blowjob. Hand to God. Obviously, teen sexual education in Texas is woefully lacking. Abstinence only works at single-sex boarding schools. Or at least that would be the only place I can imagine it working. In fact, I think this should be a part of sex education. It’s not a prophylactic, it’s a matter of giving a girl a pocket calendar or an app for their phones to track when they are fertile and when to avoid sex. It’s not perfect but if girls had to track their cycle in detail for health class every month (as a grade) maybe they would get into the habit of taking charge of their own sexual health. Unfortunately that sounds a bit more harsh than I’d like.

There’s also this. This, I think, is actually worse than being forced to listen to a heartbeat (a variation passed where it is voluntary) or forcible transvaginal ultrasounds. As someone who had a transvaginal ultrasound during my first miscarriage I can attest to how horribly invasive they are, especially during a deeply emotional time. Preventing women from knowing if they could die from an ectopic pregnancy is by far the worse attack on women. If a man had prostate cancer, a doctor would perform surgery to remove a portion of the gland if needed. They would ALWAYS offer that option if it was viable. Why wouldn’t they do the same for a women with a potentially life-threatening health problem? The worse part of this? Her family would have no legal recompense should she die as a result of this information being withheld. A bill to protect doctors from families who pass blame of disability makes sense. The method they’ve chosen to employ is poor in the best of circumstances and horrifying in the least.

I think the status quo needs to be upended if these are the sort of things we’ll allow in our country let alone our world.

(transcribed here)

P.S. That’s way more often than I’d ever thought I’d type “transvaginal.”

Rant: Sick Children Insanity

I’ve had one hell of a month. It all got started when Pops slept over at my mother-in-law’s house and caught a flu-like infection from my stepsister-in-law in the days before Christmas. By Christmas, Honeybun and I had it too. Last week Ben finally succumbed. This morning Pops woke up runny, coughing, and gagging on mucous again. He caught a cold last night while we were outside working on my Volvo. Right now it’s afternoon naptime and Honeybun is already having sneezing fits. She refuses to wear pants and overalls have apparently ceased production so it was only a matter of time. We’re now on day berjillion of my sinus headache and while it’s decreased in intensity it comes back in full force whenever one of the kids bumps into my head. It happens a few times a day.
Why were we out working on my car in 30-40′ weather? Oh! My car got an orange sticker saying it would be towed because its inspection had expired. It’d never been a problem for the past year for them but this January was the time the apartment office wanted to take care of it. My car is special to me and that’s pretty much the only reason I still have it. However it’s also a year younger than it should be to be exempt from emissions testing. Quite frankly, even if I got it running I’m not confident it would pass the first time. Anyhoo, unless it has its inspection up to date by tomorrow they’ll be towing it to some random lot. So in a last attempt we put in new spark plugs after replacing the battery last weekend. There’s a plethora of things that could be wrong and we’re trying to eliminate the cheapest ones first. Today I’ve been calling tow services to get quotes for towing it over to my mother-in-law’s house where we can work on it more leisurely. Then my mom calls and reminds me of an autoshop up the road. Going to be giving them a call very soon. Keep your fingers crossed for me internet. I need to catch a break today.

Kinect Woes

If you think you have just enough room in your living room for a Kinect sensor to work properly, you’re probably wrong. We had it set up in front of where our television used to be, only to find out that 6 feet meant that it would pick up our computer chairs and whomever was seated in them. We didn’t realize that our entertainment stand wasn’t 2 feet off the ground, so we have the sensor resting on top of the Xbox.

I’m not entirely unhappy with this purchase, but I feel like it was way too early for the kiddo. He’s 3 years old, he has the attention span it takes for a short round of peekaboo, unless you’ve got an episode of Caillou playing on Netflix. Setting up the Kinect for him to use, was pretty much impossible. It doesn’t understand people under 4 feet, when we tried to setup the KinectID it displayed his avatar “crumpled” and kneeling. Way too weird, just seeing that made him laugh and act up enough that we tried to restart it 4 times for him. On the fifth try, we just gave up. Too much work. He wants to wave and jump in and play with his “Kitty-Tiger”(Kinectimals) but it’s just not happening. Maybe in a few years.

Thing is, I had problems with it recognizing me. Standing in full light, with no obstructions, it hated me. I understand it’s a new thing; if it doesn’t recognize you when you wave, they should add a tile on the Kinect Hub so that you can try to “wave in” again and get your identity. Rather than having to walk away completely and get it to reset itself, it would be a real time/mind-saver. Watching my child be frustrated wasn’t my idea of fun, and I’m pretty sure he would liked to have avoided that as well. I may just be in a grumpy mood, but that’s still one night that I’m not enjoying my purchase.

Community Shimmunity!

I was sitting in on the LOTRO Reporter live recording (a few weeks ago) when it came apparent that a majority of people in the chat room were quite upset over the new community site. Or lack of community in the site? Or perhaps just the manner in which it came to being. The information prior to the community site revamp was lacking indeed. All we heard previous to it was that the site would be undergoing maintenance. The surprise was in refreshing the page after said “maintenance” and finding a completely different and broken community portal. I wouldn’t say it was a “slap in the face” as Patience has officially chosen to ignore any post with that term. But I will say it was pretty disappointing.

I had low expectations for the Free To Play transition when it was first announced. I maintain that position even now. But I do believe that it was simply a poor decision that led to them rolling out a new site within the same week as F2P going live. The sheer amount of absolute FUBAR was overwhelming. The site was completely broken, though I’ve heard that it’s gotten better. The past few weeks of trying to use the lotro community site along with the terrible Lorebook problems has resigned me to give up on trying to edit the lorebook itself. I’ll probably post guides to certain professions on lotro-wiki.com or just here on my own blog in case anyone actually likes to read that sort of stuff. Maybe LOTROReporter can throw it somehow with the crafting guide, or make a more in depth guide. /Shrug. I’ve tried to go back and get the site to “work” properly and frankly, it’s infuriating how much worse the lorebook could get.

I sincerely hope that they’ll have ALL the kinks worked out before they start running the lotteries again. That’s something I do miss terribly.

Maybe I’m just Old?

I’ve been thinking about @ICptJackSparrow’s post over at Replay Project. More and more it’s seeming to me like I’ve become an old codger that just thinks there’s lots of things just wrong with the youths of today. I’m not sure if it’s just my lifestyle (I live like I’m 40) or if the kids really are worse than they were 7 years ago when I graduated. Some of the kids in my life I actually knew 7 years ago. Some of them were just tickled pink when they would whisper the basic cuss words amongst friends and were content with they’re innocent lifestyle. Now I’m being the cool person by taking them to Planned Parenthood and the hard-ass that wants their parents to discipline them more. I’ve seen a child in my life simply throw everything away, with no regards for the consequences. They’ve burned bridges with blood-relatives that have done nothing but treat them well.

On the other hand, I’ve also seen some kids learn from the other and seem to come back into shape from whatever e-bawlz contest they were playing a month ago. Maybe some kids just grow up to be inherently self-entitled manipulators, and maybe some of them see what the elder is leaving behind.