Perennial updates

Today’s been a special hell, but I’ll get to that in a bit. Christmas went wonderfully. Pops was overwhelmed this year and really got enveloped in the magic of it all. He got a TON of toys. Thankfully we were a step ahead and got more toy bins from Ikea.

It was a very Cars themed evening. Surprising since he doesn’t like watching that movie (he says they crash too much, go figure). He lit up when he got the play kitchen he’d been asking for all year (practically). I think he even made a few meals before we loaded it up and came home. He’s got a vegetable basket, fruit basket, utensils, sandwich makings and breakfast items.  

Honeybun got a few toys but she’s mostly crazy for her sapo (frog). It’s kinda like chenille, mostly she just makes out with it 😛
Her great-uncle got the coolest finger puppets but I think it’ll be a few months before she does anything except above them in her mouth.

Speaking of mouths, she’s finally cut the top of her first tooth. Which might explain how awful she’s been the past two days. We’re all still sick (aside from Benj) so I wouldn’t have noticed a light fever but she certainly had the diarrhea associated with teething. Probably TMI if you’re not a mom lol.

Pops has been playing at the neighbors’ apartment more often lately since their mom doesn’t want them outside for some reason. I dunno why, it’s been in the 40-50’s and clear. The only thing that drives me crazy about this is that Pops will open the front door to get a toy and just leave it open as he goes back over. It made me think some random person would see our Xbox and decide to grab and run. Neighbor’s eldest also said we were “rich,” it made Benj snort with laughter but really we’ve had a pretty damn good year. We may spend our money on games instead of tv service (I think that’s what struck him as being rich) but we probably make the same relative income as their parents.

I’ve been trying my hand at Hawaiian quilting this week. I was really looking forward to it but quite honestly applique is not fun. It’s extremely finicky and my results are rudimentary at best with the needleturn method. Even though it’s all been with scrap I still really have my mind set on our quilt being in this style. Which means it will be almost entirely 100% hand stitched, quilted, and appliqued. On a queen size quilt. I won’t be done until next Christmas (that’s at breakneck speed). Here’s hoping I find another quilt that both Benj and I like LOL.

It’s not likely that I’ll be blogging again before the end of the year so my wish for you all is a blessed and prosperous new year. We will be heading into the year of the dragon, so hopefully good things will happen for us all!

P.S. Pops was following me around in an attempt to avoid going to bed, which is why he looks rather guilty in the uppermost picture.

Short Story: A Beginning

I’ve been working on a short story for a few days weeks now, I just keep going back and tweaking things until I get them just right. I’m to the point that I need more input or at least some opinions on the direction it’s going. If you’ve got the time and inclination, read on. It’s really not that long, I’m just a perfectionist and I’m none too pleased with it.

Her emerald eyes flashed with a twinge of yellow as she viewed the golden reflection of the sunrise. The scope was new; appropriated from the last human she had seen during her trek across the sallow lands. The sun was rising quickly, signaling her need for cover and sleep. The night vision goggles bounced raggedly against her chest as she ran down into a drainage ditch. Shimmying under a wrecked car would have to do for today. Yesterday she managed to sleep in an actual house, well, more like a hovel or hut. Then again, she couldn’t complain, it was the first time in over a month that a safe house had an actual bed. A leaky oil pan dripped carelessly onto her raven hair, at least the stain wouldn’t be seen, she stared at the split ends she used to agonize over last year and wondered if she would ever care about such banalities again.

Sleep comes quickly when you run all night.

An aluminum can let out a muddy peal, her usual trap sprung, supine and full of vinegar she spied through that beautiful new scope. The lens on her previous gear had cracked 9 days ago and it seemed to put her more on edge than she would like to admit. Stroking the gun gently she whispered under her breath, “Come on Julietta, show me something worthy of a bullet.”

It was a rule. Guns have gorgeous femme fatale names. Or maybe it was just what she could remember of her past life. A housecat slinked under the car; she could clearly count ribs and it made her meager ration from last night churn. It was 3 or 4 in the afternoon from where the sun broiled in the sky, hard to tell when you’re not sure which month it is. The tabby settled into the crook of her arm, thankfully this was a well-versed cat and not a feral monster. With that loving sentiment fresh in her mind, she slept soundly.

The dream was always the same, the world she once knew, the people tame, content and complacent. No one expects the Spanish Inquisition and no one expected the attack. We may have read all the romanticized novels expounding on what a post-apocalyptic world would be like but none of them could come close to demonstrating the true depravity that humans would demonstrate for survival. Simple activities were the things she missed most. She sat cross-legged under the tree her husband and children stretched comfortably on a blanket. July and Xavier were watching the clouds stream by, lazily spying chickens, stars, and candy shapes, their giggles echoed as if they originated from a well. Distorted with sound of jets breaching the sound barrier, the big booms startled them all from their reveries. Then came the fire. The sky was ablaze with prematurely exploded surface to air missiles, we couldn’t fathom what was happening at the time but all the same we whisked the children away to the car and what we hoped was the safety of our home.

The rest of it is really just crap, I can’t seem to solidify it into anything that might actually be viable, but we’ll see. I’m not terribly great at world-building so any tips would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for taking the time to read it and please let me know what you thought of my story (whether it’s positive or negative).

This probably goes without saying but don’t use my work for your own or misrepresent its origin in any way. Thank you!

My husband is awesome

If you don’t play LOTRO or Guild Wars you probably won’t understand this and he probably will be upset that I’m blogging it. We had an epic conversation. I’ve edited out little bits to make it flow better but otherwise it’s intact.

any ideas for ask an asuran?

pets.. i wanna know about pets and minis
are there going to be some new and unique pets for rangers?
and will there be more minis in GW2

hrm, there’s not a lot of info on that
we can make assumptions and discuss
good idea

Will the menagerie make a comeback in GW2?
will it be more personalized this time around?
and most importantly.. can I ride a flamingo or warthog this time?

no mounts confirmed

im not asking for a mount..

they’ve said we won’t be driving anything either
riding it would make a mount

I’m asking for an emote that lets me ride my pet in town

LOL doubtful.

an asuran on a cute piglet would be awesome
instead of their golums
next week talk about the awesomeness of owning your own area for your kinship in GW1 and why the hell we dont have housing

no housing at release
*at release!*

cause i want a pen in the back of my house to corral my pets
not a friggin zoo


i mean it takes FOREVER to get to where you want to go for a pet
i mean REALLY
cant i just keep my flamingos penned up?
and wouldnt it be cool if you had a crocodile tamed and when you came home it had eaten your flamingos cause you were silly enough to pen them together?

LOL they’d never do that
too many combinations

i mean COMEON!
its The SIMS GW Edition

we get keeps for our kinship.. pets to tame.. costumes and masks for holidays and special events.. how much harder is it to make a house with a wardrobe and rideable pets?!

I changed kinship to guild and i’m tweeting that.

i prolly shouldve tweeted that
silly lotro/gw mashup


also.. related to LOTRO
what does it take to stroll down middle earth in the rain and get a friggin umbrella!?


my armor will polly rust at that rate

unless you’re a medium or light class

should make swords, axes, and maces become damaged over time in the rain.. haveta repair more often during the rainy season
i doubt GW will have mounts
charrs ride scorpions..
i dont think charr and horses would even get along
asurans ride golums that are already slowish
yous have to put a golum on a horse and thats just redundant
and might kill the horse

ok, golem or gollum?

(The following message could not be delivered to all recipients: ok, golem or gollum?) OutLoud: NOOOOOOOOOO!

and I imagine the plant people have something against herbivores…..

And then he had to get back to work, but I thought it was worth recording how awesome and weird my husband is.

Late night rambler

Every night at 2 am my apartment’s sprinkler system kicks on; every single night I think it has started to rain and then I realize it’s 2.
Tonight, for some reason, I started thinking about bearded ladies while laying in bed. Which then directed me to that episode of Torchwood (Ianto?!) with the sideshows and the film reel. It got me thinking that old, good Torchwood was kind of Warehouse-y (Ianto with H.G.!). Maybe that’s why I like Warehouse 13 as much as I do. Ahhhh! It is also a wibbly, wobbly, timey-wimey day tomorrow! SQUEE!
My hair is pretty much a disaster, even my mom thinks it looks like I’m wearing a wig or something. The coloring pattern that randomly happened makes look like a spotted leopard. Maybe I’ll get brave and post a picture on gplus later. I’m going to give the blonde a few more days at least and then I’ll move on to blue and/or purple. The texture of bleached hair is worse than a horse’s tail. It displeases me greatly. 😦
I’m really enjoying the serenity that comes with handquilting. I don’t know if any of my readers are quilters or seamstresses or even “crafty.” I want to get #LateNightQuilter trending some day, or rather night, I know there’s got to be other moms out there quilting deep into the night. I don’t really have friends in real life so itd be cool to at least keep in touch with some people who share my interests, lifestyle, whatever. I mean, can you name any 20-something stay at home moms with (soon to be) purple hair who quilt all night? Yeah.
Girly got some more hand-me-down clothes, some of which she’s already outgrown (boo). I’m actually really enjoying the round Robin that’s going on. My friend’s granddaughter is 3 months older than Girly, another of her relatives has a girl about 2 months younger than Girly, so it all works out that we’re rotating through. I’m only holding on to a few outfits that I really love or that I made.
Ok, night night Internets! Also I typed this on my phone, so it’s not my fault if some of the words are wonky 😛

Adventures in Hair

So I finally couldn’t resist scratching the itch. Which itch, you say? The hair dyeing itch.

After maybe two years of not doing it I was determined to do it last night. Now, I hadn’t noticed at the store, but the “funky” hair dye I had picked out already came with a small bleaching kit. So I used that rather than the “Super Blonde” I had bought last night. It was not enough bleach, even for my newly thinned hair (thanks pregnancy hormones), and I look pretty ridiculous. You know how so many teenagers were doing this weird black and blonde combo a few years ago? Yeah, it’s about that good looking this morning. I do however don’t think I look awful as a blonde, when just about everyone thought it wouldn’t look right. I don’t know, I’ve always had a strawberry light brown sort of shade and the blonde from the bleach kit kind of looks like a strawberry blonde in some spots. /shrug

I posted a pic on Facebook before I rinsed it all out, that’s what the granules are by the way, and not a single comment occurred so I’m not sure if people just ignored it or think I’m crazy. Either way, it’s a little strange having a weird hair color. Yes, blonde is weird to me.yep, i put my hair into a plastic bag

It’s also made me notice that we don’t have mirrors in our apartment. I mean, we have the one in the bathroom and I’ve learned to ignore the one over the wet-bar (yep, it’s an OLD apartment) but I think it says a lot about how insecure we are. I don’t want to delve into this right now. Honestly, I’m sure I could share way too much and spend too much doing it. As it is I’m going to have to bleach out my hair again tomorrow night. I know I said I wanted to go purple or blue, but I think I’ll be blonde for a while.