Community Shimmunity!

I was sitting in on the LOTRO Reporter live recording (a few weeks ago) when it came apparent that a majority of people in the chat room were quite upset over the new community site. Or lack of community in the site? Or perhaps just the manner in which it came to being. The information prior to the community site revamp was lacking indeed. All we heard previous to it was that the site would be undergoing maintenance. The surprise was in refreshing the page after said “maintenance” and finding a completely different and broken community portal. I wouldn’t say it was a “slap in the face” as Patience has officially chosen to ignore any post with that term. But I will say it was pretty disappointing.

I had low expectations for the Free To Play transition when it was first announced. I maintain that position even now. But I do believe that it was simply a poor decision that led to them rolling out a new site within the same week as F2P going live. The sheer amount of absolute FUBAR was overwhelming. The site was completely broken, though I’ve heard that it’s gotten better. The past few weeks of trying to use the lotro community site along with the terrible Lorebook problems has resigned me to give up on trying to edit the lorebook itself. I’ll probably post guides to certain professions on or just here on my own blog in case anyone actually likes to read that sort of stuff. Maybe LOTROReporter can throw it somehow with the crafting guide, or make a more in depth guide. /Shrug. I’ve tried to go back and get the site to “work” properly and frankly, it’s infuriating how much worse the lorebook could get.

I sincerely hope that they’ll have ALL the kinks worked out before they start running the lotteries again. That’s something I do miss terribly.


On Lorebookin’ it!

So for the past couple weeks, I’ve been doing something that could easily be made completely obsolete come fall. If you’ve ever peaked at my.lotro “blog” you’ll see that it’s all I’ve ever posted about, mostly because that’s when I decided to be an active member of the community and not necessarily just play the game.

Today I’m coming to the end of my first complete set of pages, by this evening I will have copied and pasted my last page to go into the “Faction:____’s Guild” set of crafting pages. It hasn’t been nonstop work, but it’s pretty much taken over my playtime since June 4th. To do the following pages and revising the Scholar one….

Faction:Weaponsmith’s Guild – 132 Legendary Weapon recipes, I also chose it to be my first page because it’s my main’s guild

Faction:Tailor’s Guild – 77 Guild Recipes, I thought I’d do something light lol

Faction:Scholar’s Guild – This was actually the base for the rest of the pages, I was just cleaning up and updating for V3B1

Faction:Metalsmith’s Guild – Made me regret putting my Metalsmith into the Tailoring Guild.

Faction:Woodworker’s Guild – Was surprised, and not very pleasantly, to find out they have 105 Legendary Item recipes.

Faction:Jeweller’s Guild – Found out that NONE of the multi-output recipes are showing up correctly in the lorebook. Recipes only show one possible output, if they show up in the lorebook at all (blank page bug).

Faction:Cook’s Guild – So relieved to only have 3 legendary recipes. They’re not even Legendary items, they’re IAXP modifiers! Someone else had also made the section at the bottom, I cleaned up the formatting a little bit to pull it into the template for the rest of the pages. Should I add something similar to the “Repasts Expanded” section into other guilds’ pages?

So I need a little help, before I move on to “Profession:____” pages, I want to make sure that there aren’t any cheesy spelling errors or some bad copy and paste jobs (i.e. Tailor where it should say Jeweller). Check ’em out. Leave a comment or tweet to me to let me know what you think!

Have a great afternoon!