The story that came

Last night I was cooking dinner and an image flashed in my mind of a woman with green eyes reflecting a golden sunrise off her sniper rifle scope.

Nearly 900 words (according to Word) it’s a story that’s coming together quickly and I had no idea it was in me.

I used to write short stories, a lot of them, all through middle and high school. I didn’t have very many friends in middle school and my capacity to pull random lies out of my butt had to be used for something. So when a teacher suggested writing them down, I was skeptical. Then came the inevitable poor poetry phase, usually angst fueled tripe with bad structure and even worse imagery. I was enthralled during art class and mostly dismissed what talent I did have as being a good method and fair execution. I’m a master demoralizer. After that I had more important things to focus on, like boys. I got married and went to art school for a semester and ran out of money. I loved every piece I created while I was there and I’ve always wondered where my inspiration has come from. I still don’t know but I think I’ve just written part of a back story for this piece.


It’s done in prismacolor markers in case you’re interested in the methods. No digital manipulation other than scanning it in. It was a standard exercise to get us look at shape, color, and shading. I think it was one of the first projects we did. Not necessarily interesting but it’s always been my favorite.

Anyhoo, I’m planning on working more on this story, maybe it’s more than a short story. I really don’t know yet, but I’m letting the story take me where it will.


A Different Direction

If you’ve read my blog, you’ve got a decent idea of the sort of content I provide for this blog: a variety of gaming, crafts, and personal stuff. Now that there’s been some changes in my life I want to repurpose this blog to be more of a chronicle of house remodeling, homesteading, and life “notations”. Having two kids has been a big change for me, but hopefully not as radically later on as it will be for the few months. Life is moving along, and I’m having to go with the flow or get lost in the currents.

Have a great Saturday y’all!

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Plea for Comments

I’m going to try to make at least 3 posts a week of original content, with varied themes of course. I’m hoping that this will make me appear to be at least a little more noteworthy and help me to convey my ideas more accurately. I know this site receives little love, but that’s not a reason to leave it barren. I’m not expecting to get 50 or 60 hits a day even, but having meaningful comments would be awesome. I know I probably don’t have a reliable readership, aside from my husband and my mother. Having the occasional, well-written constructive comments would be nice. Blargh, this is starting to feel like someone who whines about not being noticed on the internet!

Essentially, I’d love to hear from you. Any feedback would make me fly to the moon. Even if it’s crappy. Even if it means, I get pissed at the internet for a week.

Keep an eye out!

Yseangwen started a wonderful group blog over at the Replay Project. Basically it’s going to be a few gaming friends, getting together and reviewing games that they’ve bought but never finished. Eventually, I’ll be joining the group and writing reviews as well, though probably not as informative as the others since I’ll be having a lot of blogging to do over the next few months. If you’ve ever gone mass bargain bin diving and found your collection is ever-expanding but your playtime is shrinking faster than a Shrinky Dink, this is a blog you’ll want to keep an eye on. You know, when you’re not playing your video games 😛

Knock ‘em out

So last weekend I decided to make it a moral imperative to at least get one of the Guild pages up to snuff on the lorebook. Seems like lorebook has been taking over my play time and so far, I’ve not been suffering over it.

The past couple of weeks in-game have been pretty boring.Aside from grinding during the recent Welcome Back Weekend, all I’ve been doing is skirmishes. Everyday. I’ve been crafting my supreme patterns and doing the daily skirmishes with my Rune-keeper (Caerulean). By doing the later (at least), I’ve managed to get to 43 with only a couple of Rivendell quests mixed in all the way from 30. My plan to set a timer on my phone for doing the daily tailoring patterns hasn’t been working out so well. The past week Kiddo has been a handful. In fact, he’s awake and pretending to read a book whilst snuggled in my lap right now. So I don’t have as many patterns as I’d like but I’ve almost got enough to craft that August of the Golden Wood set, which will be awesome for Ysea. Unfortunately, I have to get through Moria and Lothlorien to be able to buy the recipes. The plan is that as soon as I hit 48 I’ll run to Echad Dunann and hopefully (*fingers crossed*) get through to Moria, then a port from the entrance to 21st and more running through to 1st Hall and the exit. If I’m lucky I’ll get out at probably 55ish. Considering I went to Lothlorien the first time around at about 57, I think I may be able to swing 55 on Caerulean. I wasn’t as good a player then. I think. I hope I’ve gotten better. Hope? Continue reading