Pops’ Ruined Pillowcase Cape

What do you do with an inexplicably ruined pillowcase? You could use it for a scrappy quilt, a pillowcase is about as large as a fat quarter. Or you could make a delicate hostess apron for the upcoming holiday season. Really there’s only ever one choice: superhero cape. Continue reading


Make your own monstrous windscreen

At about 4pm on Monday I remembered that Tuesday is podcasting night (hey, we’re only on episode 3). I needed a windscreen for my headset microphone. You know, so I wouldn’t blow out my listeners’ eardrums again.

In other news Tuesday night also turned in to an angry baby noise exhibition. Follow through to see my very brief and not very informative tutorial. Continue reading

The OMG Huge Diaper Bag–Part 3

Now that you know how the main bag came together and how it was all orchestrated (don’t I sound smart!) the time has come to see all the accessories in the bag. But first we’ll see them *out* of the bag and a few notes on how they were planned and assembled.


Starting at the top left we’ve got a small coin purse, tri-fold wallet, Kiddo’s spare outfit bag, wet bag, changing pad, burping cloth, Girly’s spare outfit bag, and a first aid bag. You may notice that based on my planning sketch I’m missing a pacifier bag and clip, I kind of gave up on that after Girly decided that she doesn’t really like pacifiers.

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The OMG Huge Diaper Bag – Part 2

Now in case you were wondering what the inspiration for the whole project was, here ya go:


FabricWith this beautiful paisley of course!

I still maintain that I started off with the best of intentions with the construction of my main bag. The fact that it came out extremely wide is disappointing but pretty much what hubby told me from the very beginning of the planning stage. Did I bother to scale it down? Nope.

Lots of pictures and details after the break!

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Pie Crusts 101 by a Novice


I like pie, I’m pretty sure most people like pie, and some people may even love it. To make it from scratch is a lot more time consuming than you might imagine but crusts are pretty easy. Flour, salt, shortening, and water. That is all it takes to make some crusts, but you might want to have a few other things handy. A rolling pin of course is required, although I know some people that prefer to use a metal pipe. Yes, seriously. A pastry knife is very handy, especially if you’re a novice when it comes to “cutting in” shortening. Plastic cling wrap can also be a lifesaver if your dough is especially crumbly or if you run low on flour when it’s time to roll the crusts out.

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