Current Projects: April Week 1

It’s kind of depressing how little progress I made in March. Mostly because of PAX and being sick. I finished Kiddo’s lap quilt finally. Sadly he doesn’t seem too crazy about it. Honeybun’s quilt is still being hand quilted through a spiral sort of pattern. Kiddo’s twin size quilt is still in a state of needing to be seam ripped. The baby quilt I’ve been working on is sitting on top of my machine and has been for about a month :(. I wish I had more time to devote to my projects but I feel like I’m way too busy with work and kids to do anything. Images below the more tag. Continue reading


Current Projects: March Week 1

Some updates:


Some quilting has gotten done, but not much.


Still trying to get the binding on


Mixing hand quilting, machine quilting, and tying

The pleats have to be reset a bit since she already wore it, stained it, and I had to wash it >.<

Procrastination Central

I should be working on other things today but I wanted to blog to share how completely procrastinate-y I am today.

I started another quilt, well actually, I planned out two more quilts and started on one of them. This one is just a simple sandwich of two 1-yard cuts as a lap quilt for Kiddo. He’s still in love with Busy Town so I thought I’d go ahead and commit. This is my first attempt at free motion quilting by machine so I thought I’d do some “simple” loopies. Yeah, not so easy lol This took me about 2 hours because of interruptions and such. I haven’t started back up on it since I need to refill the bobbin and so on. WP_000904Some progress on the hand quilted baby blanket. I’m going slower than I need to be for scheduling reasons so I’ll probably start working on this as often as I can. WP_000910The problem is, I know the loopies should only take me a few afternoons at most to finish and it’s so much easier to focus on a project that’s fast. I hope I can turn my head a bit and pour myself into the most urgent one as opposed to the easiest.

Point of Contention

It’s been at least a few months since the last episode of Doctor Who was aired so I feel somewhat okay about talking about a few things. SPOILERS, SWEETIE!

They went so far as to declare The Statue of Liberty as a weeping angel. Okay. Then every image of her is an angel, based on the Crash of the Byzantine episode and the canon that came with it. Why, then, is the Lady Liberty poster in the elevator in the weeping angels’ hotel not an angel? The Doctor ignores the poster completely whereas he should be staring at it to keep it from coming off the poster. That would’ve been a VERY easy end to The Doctor. The weeping angels are after time, that’s why they were stealing time from these people in the hotel in the first place. So why wasn’t this poster an angel? I just don’t get it. It’s a plot hole that was left in set dressing.


I am a nerd.


This sincerely bothers me.

Quilting Quilts and Quilting

Finished baby’s quilt top and am working towards quilting Kiddo’s quilt via stitch in the ditch   on the blocks first and then I’ll work towards hand quilting in a road pattern on the grey blocks I think. But then at least it won’t need to be basted with safety pins like crazy the whole time. Second row on the baby quilt still needs it’s 6×6 piece of dark green but I went ahead and just pinned the dinosaur to the main block and assembled. But LOOK, all the corners are together and not crooked! /INTERNETHIGHFIVE

WP_000824 WP_000826 (1)

Fourth WIP

I’m “working” on four quilts now. My queen size nightmare bento box quilt, Kiddo’s green bobeep quilt, Honeybun’s quilt and now a baby quilt for a June baby. Oh, actually five because I’m trying to learn how to use a paper piecing program so I can make some Destiny’s Edge lap quilts. Don’t place your orders yet, I’m terrible at applique and that may end up being the method of greatest ease.

WP_000356My bento box is in a box, waiting for a time when I feel like undoing everything I’ve done already because I royally fucked it up. There’s just no getting around it. This picture is from around six months ago. I just can’t bring myself to work on it knowing that I messed up as bad as I did.

WP_000757 Kiddo’s green quilt is basted and ready for me to start quilting it but I feel like I need to put my focus onto the fourth project just to make sure that it’s done in time. I’m pretty happy with the way it’s turning out and I’m debating trying out my new machine and walking foot and just doing it that way but I feel like I would need a lot more practice before I work on the quilt itself.

WP_000668Honeybun’s quilt is planned and the fabric has been purchased but this is as far as I’ve gotten. It’s the fabric on the left by the way, I didn’t take a picture of all the fabrics together apparently. My main thought for her room has always been California sunset and I think I’m well on my way with the palette I chose.

WP_000795I’ve worked on it for 4 days or so. I’ve got all (but one) the blocks done and Benj helped me to better spread out the colors so it wasn’t too clumpy. I’ve got rows waiting to be assembled and then I’ll sew those together to finish. I still need to do one more block because I was a little tight on my measurements. I need one more 6×6 square of the dark green. Seems like a silly thing to have to go back to JoAnn’s for but that’s the predicament I’m in.

I heart all of yall’s faces and I hope to get this particular quilt done before the baby’s born 😀

Where’s the Cookie?

Life’s been busy! Wait, I think it’s not been calm since I had my son 5 years ago. We’re still house hunting. I’m still quilting. I’m still gaming. I’m still podcasting. I’m still twittering. Facebooking. Attempting Google Plus’ing on a regular basis. Nothing much new to really report. I felt like my blog was getting a little bare since I hadn’t posted since November about a project that I haven’t worked on since that month. December steamrolled my family and I. January will hopefully be kinder, so far it’s been alright. I’ve got Kiddo’s quilt basted. Fabrics picked out for Honeybun’s. A new baby is due in the extended family in June so I’ve got another to plan, assemble, and quilt before then. At least I’ve got a new shiny sewing machine to do it on! More mundane posts to come as life continues.

Armor Image Project

If you’re still reading the blog after a few years, you’ll know that I was a big proponent of making sure that the LOTRO lorebook was accurate and filled in properly. The project never really got off the ground. In that spirit, I’ve pulled myself into another big overhaul. I was trying to find armors on the official wiki, just pictures of armor pieces nothing off the wall really. Well, there aren’t any. Nothing like the wonderful galleries on the Guild Wars wiki. Maybe the wiki editors will jump in behind me and say this is a good idea (more than likely they’ll never even look in my direction or undo all my edits). I’m populating a list of all the armors I can find and then I’ll start making, capturing and inputting all the screenshots to the wiki. I’ll be lucky if I can get this off the ground with how many armors there are, let alone the variations between genders and races. There’s a post on the wiki project page but I don’t know how to collaborate with people when I’m terrible at the wiki language…

If you want to help me with this, that’d be awesome. Get in touch with me!

Exotics Lost

ArenaNet announced via their favorite release sites that there will be new armor and items coming with Lost Shores. There’s a new functionality as well with “infusions” which may or may not be the same thing as infusing from Guild Wars. It also looks like they’re adding another crafting tier or at least a new set of things to harvest and process. The new armors and items (weapons maybe) will have a new quality level, so above Exotic will be now Ascended. GW2Hub presumes “these [crafting tiers/recipes] will be focused on the ascended quality as well” and I tend to agree.

Now that we’ve got the (presumed) facts, let’s get to my commentary. Of course that’s why you’re here or maybe I blackmailed you into reading my blog. Either way…

I’m not in exotics, well, no I take it back. I have a pair of gloves that dropped from Claw of Jormag that happened to be better than what I had on. Is it a set that I like or prefer? No. It’s got decent stats and it isn’t repulsive. After all, I play a Ranger and all we get are trench coats. Or really skimpy things. If I had spent the time, money and/or materials to get a full set of exotics I would be really worried right now. We don’t know all the details of them but, come on, it’s been 3 months! Why do we need a new item tier of rarity? It just makes everyone feel like they’ve wasted their time on the gear grind they were promised was not going to be in Guild Wars 2. It all depends on how these new armors turn out this weekend.

Be sure to tune in to our livestreamed podcast tonight for more observations about the Lost Shores preview tonight at 7:30pm PST!

Rant: Not exactly kind

Disclaimer: This is a rant post. I’m ranting and painting with some particularly broad strokes. I know this isn’t everyone this is one experience that I chose to share.

There was an “early” morning rant on twitter and a few people from TWITGuild had chimed in and were having a discussion about how corrupt and terrible The Komen Foundation is/can be. They were discussing how they felt the ribbon campaign was a waste of time as probably everyone (in modernized countries at least) is aware of breast cancer. I completely agree by the way, breast cancer “awareness” is old hat and every bit of money should be spent on research and diagnostics. We all know how the ribbons and “save the ta-ta’s” sexualized and detached the disease and left the woman out of the conversation. 100% agree and look at how we are constantly sexualized in every form of media to the point of absurdity ( I did a whole other post about a smidge of this). Exploiting women who are suffering just furthers the notion that our society is in a terrible state and needs to be, I don’t know any phrase I attempt to put here seems to be incendiary to the nth degree, educated? The other side of the coin is that people will take advantage of the sympathy received because they were/are ill. For monetary gains. It sounds ludicrous but yes it exists. A breast cancer survivor that I know actually bragged about how she got discounts (or sometimes even free goods and services) around town because she had been ill. She made it abundantly clear that she felt she was entitled to these things. Just thought I would throw out there that there are probably more people taking advantage of their situation in sick and disturbing ways.

I understand that this person I know if just one person and my sample size is overwhelmingly small but I felt the need to share the story anyways.