Ow My Back

I don’t normally blog/brag about how incredibly clumsy I am. Today pretty much took the cake. My chair broke. While I was leaning back and holding Honeybun.

Yeah. The plastic was slightly cracked from another similar incident. The falling probably happened as a direct result of the crack being strategically placed.
I’m glad to report that Pops did not get squashed in the bean bag he’d been sickly languishing in. Honeybun got a slight bonk on her head that fortunately didn’t warrant more than 30 seconds of startled crying. Me? Oh, no. I was on the ground sobbing for a few minutes. My hips hit the television stand, my head a bean bag, while my shoulders and back crashed clumsily to the floor (by the way, thanks to the cheapness of my landlord they might as well just be cement slabs, no cushion). No I didn’t try to throw my arms out to brace myself, 5 month old baby in my arms remember, stupid martyrdom motherhood acting up again /sarcasm. About ten minutes later as I was getting up off the floor to get Pops his cold medicine and realized I was very sore. Still am but hopefully it won’t be worse later on; I gots a podcast to make tomorrow.
Oh yeah, Thursday-ish I’ll share my granola adventure if I haven’t managed to accidentally killed myself while sewing Halloween costumes.


My husband is awesome

If you don’t play LOTRO or Guild Wars you probably won’t understand this and he probably will be upset that I’m blogging it. We had an epic conversation. I’ve edited out little bits to make it flow better but otherwise it’s intact.

any ideas for ask an asuran?

pets.. i wanna know about pets and minis
are there going to be some new and unique pets for rangers?
and will there be more minis in GW2

hrm, there’s not a lot of info on that
we can make assumptions and discuss
good idea

Will the menagerie make a comeback in GW2?
will it be more personalized this time around?
and most importantly.. can I ride a flamingo or warthog this time?

no mounts confirmed

im not asking for a mount..

they’ve said we won’t be driving anything either
riding it would make a mount

I’m asking for an emote that lets me ride my pet in town

LOL doubtful.

an asuran on a cute piglet would be awesome
instead of their golums
next week talk about the awesomeness of owning your own area for your kinship in GW1 and why the hell we dont have housing

no housing at release
*at release!*

cause i want a pen in the back of my house to corral my pets
not a friggin zoo


i mean it takes FOREVER to get to where you want to go for a pet
i mean REALLY
cant i just keep my flamingos penned up?
and wouldnt it be cool if you had a crocodile tamed and when you came home it had eaten your flamingos cause you were silly enough to pen them together?

LOL they’d never do that
too many combinations

i mean COMEON!
its The SIMS GW Edition

we get keeps for our kinship.. pets to tame.. costumes and masks for holidays and special events.. how much harder is it to make a house with a wardrobe and rideable pets?!

I changed kinship to guild and i’m tweeting that.

i prolly shouldve tweeted that
silly lotro/gw mashup


also.. related to LOTRO
what does it take to stroll down middle earth in the rain and get a friggin umbrella!?


my armor will polly rust at that rate

unless you’re a medium or light class

should make swords, axes, and maces become damaged over time in the rain.. haveta repair more often during the rainy season
i doubt GW will have mounts
charrs ride scorpions..
i dont think charr and horses would even get along
asurans ride golums that are already slowish
yous have to put a golum on a horse and thats just redundant
and might kill the horse

ok, golem or gollum?

(The following message could not be delivered to all recipients: ok, golem or gollum?) OutLoud: NOOOOOOOOOO!

and I imagine the plant people have something against herbivores…..

And then he had to get back to work, but I thought it was worth recording how awesome and weird my husband is.

You can’t make this crap up

Who searched for “blonde in bed” and clicked through to my site? Seriously?! (INTERROBANG’D) I just don’t know who could have used that as a search string and then decided to go to a craft/gaming blog. Just– eh, whatever raises the masts I guess.

Maybe I’m just pervy, but I can’t think of a different reason to search with those specific terms.

Make your own monstrous windscreen

At about 4pm on Monday I remembered that Tuesday is podcasting night (hey, we’re only on episode 3). I needed a windscreen for my headset microphone. You know, so I wouldn’t blow out my listeners’ eardrums again.

In other news Tuesday night also turned in to an angry baby noise exhibition. Follow through to see my very brief and not very informative tutorial. Continue reading

Adventures in Hair

So I finally couldn’t resist scratching the itch. Which itch, you say? The hair dyeing itch.

After maybe two years of not doing it I was determined to do it last night. Now, I hadn’t noticed at the store, but the “funky” hair dye I had picked out already came with a small bleaching kit. So I used that rather than the “Super Blonde” I had bought last night. It was not enough bleach, even for my newly thinned hair (thanks pregnancy hormones), and I look pretty ridiculous. You know how so many teenagers were doing this weird black and blonde combo a few years ago? Yeah, it’s about that good looking this morning. I do however don’t think I look awful as a blonde, when just about everyone thought it wouldn’t look right. I don’t know, I’ve always had a strawberry light brown sort of shade and the blonde from the bleach kit kind of looks like a strawberry blonde in some spots. /shrug

I posted a pic on Facebook before I rinsed it all out, that’s what the granules are by the way, and not a single comment occurred so I’m not sure if people just ignored it or think I’m crazy. Either way, it’s a little strange having a weird hair color. Yes, blonde is weird to me.yep, i put my hair into a plastic bag

It’s also made me notice that we don’t have mirrors in our apartment. I mean, we have the one in the bathroom and I’ve learned to ignore the one over the wet-bar (yep, it’s an OLD apartment) but I think it says a lot about how insecure we are. I don’t want to delve into this right now. Honestly, I’m sure I could share way too much and spend too much doing it. As it is I’m going to have to bleach out my hair again tomorrow night. I know I said I wanted to go purple or blue, but I think I’ll be blonde for a while.

Rift and Reservations

I spent a couple of weekends ago, playing the Rift beta 4. I was supposed to meet up with the MMOReporter crew eventually, but they’re all playing on the Defiant side of the game (boo). The only chance I have to run into them is if they manage to come through an invasion rift. I guess I can dig their love for machines rather than the Guardian’s religious zealotry. Honestly, I just like the areas for Guardians better. It’s prettier. It’s lighter. It just feels like the sunny side of the street. And I can get behind that sometimes 😉

I really want to play this game when it comes out. The game is so visually stunning and addictive that I absolutely should NOT purchase this game when it’s released. I already run into the problems with trying to keep up with housework, mmorpgs, family, and everything else. This game would most likely be the final nail in the coffin for one of those categories, and I’m sure you can guess which ones would suffer immediately.

There’s something about this game. You can attempt to pull back and analyze if it’s actually a good game and it’s an impossible task. The fact remains that it’s addictive. That something special that jumps out and grabs you by the proverbial gonads and makes you spend countless hours grinding away with too much satisfaction. After staying away from the Beta this time through, I can confidently say that I don’t really like Rift. Unfortunately that’s about as committal as I can be with that opinion. I could easily play it, especially if it offered a Free-to-play or freemium option. Now that I’ve been away from a subscription per month game for 6 months or so, I just can’t see myself paying monthly to play a game anymore.

2010 in review

Not too surprising, the post about cleaning my keyboard was the most searched for out of the bunch. The interesting thing was that my rinkydinky post about how to cook pinto beans is considered the most popular is amazing. It’s just beans people! lol

The stats helper monkeys at WordPress.com mulled over how this blog did in 2010, and here’s a high level summary of its overall blog health:

Healthy blog!

The Blog-Health-o-Meter™ reads Fresher than ever.

Continue reading

And Now For Something Completely Different!

cape1As soon of my friends know, I’ve been grinding away on an upcoming series for Guild Wars Reporter and maybe MMOReporter as well. This afternoon after finishing up my 9th or 10th draft, I decided that I need to do something fun and funky. A very long time ago, I was glued to Guild Wars pretty much nonstop. I would jump on to our TeamSpeak server and play with my guildies, some are still present and some have moved on to other games in the verse. One of the things I jokingly did was create a prayer for instances. I would key up and run through the whole thing before a big instance to loosen the tension and get people some time to focus their thoughts. Not so long ago, I found the infamous Guild Wars binder that would be seen in tow with me as if it were a security blanket. It still has my most prized builds written in by hand and organized with construction paper dividers. I know this certainly shows a different side to my geek card that most of my family doesn’t even know about, but I felt it was time to release the silliness.

I now present to you, the unofficial Guild Wars Prayer.

Gods, let my monks heal swiftly and never be diversion’d.

Let my meteor shower fall on the target and not be late.

May all rezes be reusable.

Ecto and Shards for All.


P.S. Let Allies of mine trip and lag out when they drop their greens.

Hopefully it will bring a smile to the face of a fellow Guild Wars veteran. Please don’t take it offensively, we all thought it was just another hilarious situational joke that made the game more fun. Enjoy your day!