LOTRO Reporter Repost – Minstrel’s 15-30

Reposted here is my guide to take Minstrels from levels 15 to 30ish, The Minstrel Column is published every Tuesday morning at http://www.lotroreporter.com.

First and foremost, let’s talk about Tiers and how they work. I know it may seem like a silly topic, but it really affects how your heals work while you’re in a group. You should have a basic idea of how it works by now, but let me go ahead and make a quick rundown. When you activate a Tier 1 ballad, you are unlocking your Tier 2 and giving your healing a bonus of 3% while the ballad is active on you/your fellowship. This carries on through to when you’ve cast a Tier 3 ballad. So when you’ve got a Tier 1, 2, and 3 ballad active your healing is increased by a combined percentage of 9. Getting this bonus to compound as quickly as possible is easy as pie with ‘Cry of the Chorus.’ Using an anthem will reset your ballad counter down to a Tier 1, so be aware of that while you’re playing. Essentially it’s just a gating system for your skills, similar to but far less complicated than a Rune-keeper’s attunement.

More than likely you should be finishing up the Old Forest/Buckland/Adso’s Camp area if you’re following the epic books quests line. If not, leave a comment and let me know where you quested to get through to 20. From 20 or so, you have the choice to either go into the Lone-lands or up into Trestlebridge. Personally, even after the re-vamp, I dislike the scenery of the Lone-lands. Generally, I avoid this area until I absolutely have to do the book quests. There’s a post over on Casual Stroll that covers the revamp and how to level through it. Don’t get me wrong, I would LOVE more revamps, I just don’t like the area they chose to do first 😛 Continue reading


LOTRO Reporter Repost – The First Measure (1-15)

Reposted here is my guide to take Minstrels from levels 1 to 15ish, The Minstrel Column is published every Tuesday morning at http://www.lotroreporter.com.

You’ve all made your character and hopefully have played through the tutorial, if needed, so let’s fire up the game and sprint through the next 15 levels!

Your starter area will of course be based on your race, so during the time before you get to Bree-town you’ll be working there. For Dwarves and Elves you’ll be spending your time in Ered Luin. Hobbits will, of course, be based in The Shire, and Men will be in ‘Starter Bree-land’ (Archet, Combe, and Staddle, progressively). By the time you’ve finished your beginning area quests and your Epic Prologue book quests, you’ll be very close to getting that wonderful ding at Level 15. Continue reading

LOTRO Reporter Repost – Rolling a Minstrel

You can read the full article on LOTRO Reporter, with the Minstrel column posting each Tuesday.

When it comes to choosing a race for a minstrel you have all the choices among the 4 races in Middle-Earth. There are some advatanges in choosing certain ones however. When it comes to choosing a Hobbit the following are decided advantages: Continue reading

Theorboes and You


So after my last minstrel post I was invited to be a columnist at LOTRO Reporter! How cool is that?! (INTERROBANG) ((sorry, couldn’t resist)) My column should be published weekly on Tuesdays, should being the operative word. I’ll more than likely be writing them on Thursday in advance. I’ve created a new minstrel for it, so if you happen to haunt the Brandywine server, you can find me as Rubybarb. I already have a Rubywing there by the way. Hit me up if you want to level with me, or just chat for a bit.

Have a pleasant evening!

On Lorebookin’ it!

So for the past couple weeks, I’ve been doing something that could easily be made completely obsolete come fall. If you’ve ever peaked at my.lotro “blog” you’ll see that it’s all I’ve ever posted about, mostly because that’s when I decided to be an active member of the community and not necessarily just play the game.

Today I’m coming to the end of my first complete set of pages, by this evening I will have copied and pasted my last page to go into the “Faction:____’s Guild” set of crafting pages. It hasn’t been nonstop work, but it’s pretty much taken over my playtime since June 4th. To do the following pages and revising the Scholar one….

Faction:Weaponsmith’s Guild – 132 Legendary Weapon recipes, I also chose it to be my first page because it’s my main’s guild

Faction:Tailor’s Guild – 77 Guild Recipes, I thought I’d do something light lol

Faction:Scholar’s Guild – This was actually the base for the rest of the pages, I was just cleaning up and updating for V3B1

Faction:Metalsmith’s Guild – Made me regret putting my Metalsmith into the Tailoring Guild.

Faction:Woodworker’s Guild – Was surprised, and not very pleasantly, to find out they have 105 Legendary Item recipes.

Faction:Jeweller’s Guild – Found out that NONE of the multi-output recipes are showing up correctly in the lorebook. Recipes only show one possible output, if they show up in the lorebook at all (blank page bug).

Faction:Cook’s Guild – So relieved to only have 3 legendary recipes. They’re not even Legendary items, they’re IAXP modifiers! Someone else had also made the section at the bottom, I cleaned up the formatting a little bit to pull it into the template for the rest of the pages. Should I add something similar to the “Repasts Expanded” section into other guilds’ pages?

So I need a little help, before I move on to “Profession:____” pages, I want to make sure that there aren’t any cheesy spelling errors or some bad copy and paste jobs (i.e. Tailor where it should say Jeweller). Check ’em out. Leave a comment or tweet to me to let me know what you think!

Have a great afternoon!

So you made a minstrel?

On the thoughts of rolling a new minstrel, from what I’ve read the general consensus is that Hobbit is the way to go. My minstrel is an Elf, I rolled her when I had no idea how to play the game. That’s the truth. Now that I’m re-rolling on Landroval, I went with Hobbit. There’s really no big disadvantage to their race and with the extra ‘Possum skill’ that can be traited in, it’s pretty much win. After listening to the Minstrel roundtable from CStM, I can see how Man would be advantageous with their personal traited heal. Though I personally prefer Hobbits over Men 😛

You start off with the tier system, not really knowing what to do, if you were/are anything like me, you just hit any skill that’s ‘lit up’/able to be used. (That’s how I’m still running my Guardian at level 33, so you might want to avoid her.) So there’s the little musical note skills, Tier 1 (), Tier 2 (), and Tier 3 () after using a Tier 3 you’ll be able to use an anthem that usually is pretty useful in groups, not so much in solo play. There’s also a trait (Smooth Voice) you can slot later that will lengthen certain ballads to make them all a group buff. So let’s run through it, even though it seems pretty simple. You have to do a Tier 1 first, then you can do a Tier 2, at this point you can perform all three tiers in any order as long as they don’t go gray again. When you use an Anthem it requires a recent Tier 3 and will reset you to only being able to use a Tier 1 which means you’ll have to build yourself back up to using the Tier 3 group buffs that are fairly useful. Cry of the Chorus makes this much easier and will automatically pull you back up to Tier 3 performance, though the 10 minute cool-down certain bites. Continue reading

Very quick Weatherstock report!

So I spent most of my day Friday rolling up a toon on Landroval, for the very purpose of going to the much anticipated weatherstock 2010(!!!). Yseangwen and I had a wonderful evening on Landroval. I’ve got to say, I understand why people love being there so much. The caliber of player on that server is just *sigh* it’s so much better than Firefoot :(. We were wandering around at the South Bree gate and were offered escorts by the lovely Lonely Mountain Band within moments, fantastic execution of said escort by the way. It was apparent that they had people going up and down a specific path to keep the road clear of any mobs that could ruin the fun for the ‘lowbies.’ Even at the heights of Weathertop there were people surrounding the fringes, making sure no crebain would ruin an undying title.

So here we are at the entrance to Weatherstock, I’d managed to remember to turn down my graphics before we got there but even so, as I was climbing as fast as my little Hobbit feet could take me, I nearly lagged and fell off a few times!
Ruby & Ysea snuggling on the High PeaksHere’s a quick screenshot of Rubywing and Yseangwen cuddling up at Weathertop moments before the concert began. Few people can understand the love that forms between a Hobbit and an Elf and few people would care to, we’re unique to be sure.

We had a wonderful time, although for half of it I was afk and simply listening from the kitchen. I made some pretty good meatballs for dinner, I may start posting food porn and bentos when I get that going again. Anyhow, it was very relaxing and far fewer player problems than I figured there would be. But after viewing how polite and kind the players of Landroval can be, how could you expect anything less? After the long and wonderful procession down the hillside, I mapped myself back to the prancing pony and indulged in something that was an all new experience for me. Roleplaying! Or at least a slightly informal version of it. Maybe a dozen people were huddled near the Barber inside The Prancing Pony listening to Duetiquette play a whole lot ‘o Rush. Not exactly lore-based but still very enjoyable, original arrangements, good company and very cozy. That’s a new word to describe LoTRO, cozy. One word I never thought I’d use for an MMORPG (hear Yahtzee saying ‘ma-mor-pa-ga’). After turning my graphics back up, you see below a lovely little screenshot of the atmosphere and performance that went into an after party.

After party in the Prancing Pony

I’d like to share a little joke with you that made me physically lol a little too much, I believe it was ‘Hidgar’ who said “Candaith asked me to check Weathertop for anything unusual, I found about 200 people playing music and dancing.” Sorry I’m sure I paraphrased, I wasn’t quick enough amongst all the chatter to screen cap it. After a night of wonderful music and wonderful community, I’m a bit giddy about a game that I don’t feel I’ve really experienced yet. A year and change after subscription, I’m confident enough to say I haven’t finished with LoTRO. Stay Classy Landroval!

Have a peaceful Late-Watches 🙂

Knock ‘em out

So last weekend I decided to make it a moral imperative to at least get one of the Guild pages up to snuff on the lorebook. Seems like lorebook has been taking over my play time and so far, I’ve not been suffering over it.

The past couple of weeks in-game have been pretty boring.Aside from grinding during the recent Welcome Back Weekend, all I’ve been doing is skirmishes. Everyday. I’ve been crafting my supreme patterns and doing the daily skirmishes with my Rune-keeper (Caerulean). By doing the later (at least), I’ve managed to get to 43 with only a couple of Rivendell quests mixed in all the way from 30. My plan to set a timer on my phone for doing the daily tailoring patterns hasn’t been working out so well. The past week Kiddo has been a handful. In fact, he’s awake and pretending to read a book whilst snuggled in my lap right now. So I don’t have as many patterns as I’d like but I’ve almost got enough to craft that August of the Golden Wood set, which will be awesome for Ysea. Unfortunately, I have to get through Moria and Lothlorien to be able to buy the recipes. The plan is that as soon as I hit 48 I’ll run to Echad Dunann and hopefully (*fingers crossed*) get through to Moria, then a port from the entrance to 21st and more running through to 1st Hall and the exit. If I’m lucky I’ll get out at probably 55ish. Considering I went to Lothlorien the first time around at about 57, I think I may be able to swing 55 on Caerulean. I wasn’t as good a player then. I think. I hope I’ve gotten better. Hope? Continue reading