LOTROReporter Repost – Changes To Minstrels with Volume 3.2

Here’s a Repost from LOTROReporter.com explaining some brief changes that occurred with the Volume 3, book 2 update.

So with all the changes we’ve seen with the transition to Free-To-Play with LOTRO, you’d think I would have more to talk about with Minstrels. Fact of the matter is, there really isn’t much of a change for our happy little healing class. We’ve got a few skill acquistions moved around and a few other miniscule things.

  • Mentor skills can now be used while mounted.
  • “Song of the Hopeful Heart” is no longer affected by Hope-dispelling attacks like the Balrog’s roar.
  • Addressed an issue where Lothlórien instruments were not applying threat reduction properly.

Source: http://lorebook.lotro.com/wiki/Release_Notes_Volume_3_Book_2_Official

Changing around the order of some of the lower level skills seems to offer a bit more DPS to the newly created Minstrel but there’s nothing game changing about it. There’s not really any new surprises with this list, what is surprising is the addition of a Medium armor radiance set for any class able to wear it. There are also some other “endgame” armor sets available that offer similarly wonderful stats. I’ll be looking forward to doing Annúminas instances for a few weeks in order to get the new Medium Set.

Have a great week in Middle-Earth!


Community Shimmunity!

I was sitting in on the LOTRO Reporter live recording (a few weeks ago) when it came apparent that a majority of people in the chat room were quite upset over the new community site. Or lack of community in the site? Or perhaps just the manner in which it came to being. The information prior to the community site revamp was lacking indeed. All we heard previous to it was that the site would be undergoing maintenance. The surprise was in refreshing the page after said “maintenance” and finding a completely different and broken community portal. I wouldn’t say it was a “slap in the face” as Patience has officially chosen to ignore any post with that term. But I will say it was pretty disappointing.

I had low expectations for the Free To Play transition when it was first announced. I maintain that position even now. But I do believe that it was simply a poor decision that led to them rolling out a new site within the same week as F2P going live. The sheer amount of absolute FUBAR was overwhelming. The site was completely broken, though I’ve heard that it’s gotten better. The past few weeks of trying to use the lotro community site along with the terrible Lorebook problems has resigned me to give up on trying to edit the lorebook itself. I’ll probably post guides to certain professions on lotro-wiki.com or just here on my own blog in case anyone actually likes to read that sort of stuff. Maybe LOTROReporter can throw it somehow with the crafting guide, or make a more in depth guide. /Shrug. I’ve tried to go back and get the site to “work” properly and frankly, it’s infuriating how much worse the lorebook could get.

I sincerely hope that they’ll have ALL the kinks worked out before they start running the lotteries again. That’s something I do miss terribly.

Knock ‘em out

So last weekend I decided to make it a moral imperative to at least get one of the Guild pages up to snuff on the lorebook. Seems like lorebook has been taking over my play time and so far, I’ve not been suffering over it.

The past couple of weeks in-game have been pretty boring.Aside from grinding during the recent Welcome Back Weekend, all I’ve been doing is skirmishes. Everyday. I’ve been crafting my supreme patterns and doing the daily skirmishes with my Rune-keeper (Caerulean). By doing the later (at least), I’ve managed to get to 43 with only a couple of Rivendell quests mixed in all the way from 30. My plan to set a timer on my phone for doing the daily tailoring patterns hasn’t been working out so well. The past week Kiddo has been a handful. In fact, he’s awake and pretending to read a book whilst snuggled in my lap right now. So I don’t have as many patterns as I’d like but I’ve almost got enough to craft that August of the Golden Wood set, which will be awesome for Ysea. Unfortunately, I have to get through Moria and Lothlorien to be able to buy the recipes. The plan is that as soon as I hit 48 I’ll run to Echad Dunann and hopefully (*fingers crossed*) get through to Moria, then a port from the entrance to 21st and more running through to 1st Hall and the exit. If I’m lucky I’ll get out at probably 55ish. Considering I went to Lothlorien the first time around at about 57, I think I may be able to swing 55 on Caerulean. I wasn’t as good a player then. I think. I hope I’ve gotten better. Hope? Continue reading