Finish Up Friday – April 19

I have a lot to cover this week and I thought it would be best to just do one big post.

Finished Honeybun’s quilt first. I mixed hand quilting, freemotion, and tying to get this one together. Instead of a separate binding I went ahead and just rolled the backing around and straight stitched it. I was eager for her to be able to use, play and cuddle it so I rushed it a bit. WP_001164 (1)

I’m also nearing the end or am forced to since the baby shower is on Saturday but I’m trying so hard to get this quilt done that I’m thinking of skipping sleep tonight. It’s a very simple quilt based on the Ragged Squares tutorial by Amanda Jean. I’ve done it for my last shower quilt as well and it feels like it came together a lot nicer this time around. Might have also had a lot to do with a new machine and a LOT more experience with sewing than I had more than a year ago. I’m still not super happy with the freemotion quilting I did on it but it’s better than nothing.WP_001165 (1)WP_001166 (1) - Copy (yes it still needs thread trimming and all the rest of that stuff)

Really hoping to sit down and seam rip Kiddo’s quilt, I know that’s been on my todo list for a few months now but with doing the podcast, raising kids, keeping house, and all the rest it’s been pretty impossible to not neglect something in order to work on something else. I saw a some e-card thing with a man on the phone saying, “So-and-so is quilting today so you might want to bring paper plates, food, and a table to eat if you’re coming over.” That’s what basically happened last weekend when I was at my machine for the majority of time. Funny stuff.


Procrastination Central

I should be working on other things today but I wanted to blog to share how completely procrastinate-y I am today.

I started another quilt, well actually, I planned out two more quilts and started on one of them. This one is just a simple sandwich of two 1-yard cuts as a lap quilt for Kiddo. He’s still in love with Busy Town so I thought I’d go ahead and commit. This is my first attempt at free motion quilting by machine so I thought I’d do some “simple” loopies. Yeah, not so easy lol This took me about 2 hours because of interruptions and such. I haven’t started back up on it since I need to refill the bobbin and so on. WP_000904Some progress on the hand quilted baby blanket. I’m going slower than I need to be for scheduling reasons so I’ll probably start working on this as often as I can. WP_000910The problem is, I know the loopies should only take me a few afternoons at most to finish and it’s so much easier to focus on a project that’s fast. I hope I can turn my head a bit and pour myself into the most urgent one as opposed to the easiest.

Fourth WIP

I’m “working” on four quilts now. My queen size nightmare bento box quilt, Kiddo’s green bobeep quilt, Honeybun’s quilt and now a baby quilt for a June baby. Oh, actually five because I’m trying to learn how to use a paper piecing program so I can make some Destiny’s Edge lap quilts. Don’t place your orders yet, I’m terrible at applique and that may end up being the method of greatest ease.

WP_000356My bento box is in a box, waiting for a time when I feel like undoing everything I’ve done already because I royally fucked it up. There’s just no getting around it. This picture is from around six months ago. I just can’t bring myself to work on it knowing that I messed up as bad as I did.

WP_000757 Kiddo’s green quilt is basted and ready for me to start quilting it but I feel like I need to put my focus onto the fourth project just to make sure that it’s done in time. I’m pretty happy with the way it’s turning out and I’m debating trying out my new machine and walking foot and just doing it that way but I feel like I would need a lot more practice before I work on the quilt itself.

WP_000668Honeybun’s quilt is planned and the fabric has been purchased but this is as far as I’ve gotten. It’s the fabric on the left by the way, I didn’t take a picture of all the fabrics together apparently. My main thought for her room has always been California sunset and I think I’m well on my way with the palette I chose.

WP_000795I’ve worked on it for 4 days or so. I’ve got all (but one) the blocks done and Benj helped me to better spread out the colors so it wasn’t too clumpy. I’ve got rows waiting to be assembled and then I’ll sew those together to finish. I still need to do one more block because I was a little tight on my measurements. I need one more 6×6 square of the dark green. Seems like a silly thing to have to go back to JoAnn’s for but that’s the predicament I’m in.

I heart all of yall’s faces and I hope to get this particular quilt done before the baby’s born 😀

Where’s the Cookie?

Life’s been busy! Wait, I think it’s not been calm since I had my son 5 years ago. We’re still house hunting. I’m still quilting. I’m still gaming. I’m still podcasting. I’m still twittering. Facebooking. Attempting Google Plus’ing on a regular basis. Nothing much new to really report. I felt like my blog was getting a little bare since I hadn’t posted since November about a project that I haven’t worked on since that month. December steamrolled my family and I. January will hopefully be kinder, so far it’s been alright. I’ve got Kiddo’s quilt basted. Fabrics picked out for Honeybun’s. A new baby is due in the extended family in June so I’ve got another to plan, assemble, and quilt before then. At least I’ve got a new shiny sewing machine to do it on! More mundane posts to come as life continues.

When projects turn out badly

I spent the majority of my afternoon and evening working on making some slipper/kimono shoes for Honeybun. They look bad and don’t fit. Frustrated and infuriated, I’ve resigned to seam ripping and making some sandals instead. This is what happens when you see an item on the internet and think you can draft a pattern for it freehand. At first I was trying to make them reversible. This is not possible FYI. Everyone just cheats by pinking the inside edges. CHEATERS!
Hopefully these *will* fit. Sandals will be better, after all it’s going to be around 90′ tomorrow and we’re going to a crawfish boil. Generally, that means we’ll be outside all day >.<
I'm off to find some yarn and a crochet hook.

Quilt Write Up – Part One

Six months ago I found out a friend of mine was pregnant(UPDATE: She had the baby on 11/28 :D). I had been wanting to learn how to quilt since I was a teenager so I decided this was the perfect opportunity. A month or two passed and we found out it was a boy so I planned blues and greens. I scoured fabric sites determined they wanted way too much money for fat quarters and went to JoAnn’s instead. I had spent a lot of time reading through Crazy Mom Quilts and decided the ragged squares quilt was probably a good first baby quilt.


The main patterned fabric, the backing and binding were the foundations for the rest of the fat quarters I picked out of the dollar bin and scrounged coupons for.

WP_000576 Here we have the squares all cut out, pressed, and pinned together before I stitched them up on the sewing machine. Thankfully after 10 or 20 times of messing with thread tension and reseating the bobbin they looked pretty good.

I spent at least 3 or 4 hours just staring at the quilt squares laid out in a grid like this only to have Benj come home and put them in the perfect order.

WP_000780 Pinning and stitching on the machine made me disappointed. The squares don’t match up into beautiful little junctions of seams. My inability to uniformly cut and measure seems to bite me again. Benj says it looks better this way because it gives a genuine homemade quality. After staring at it for a few more hours, I agree.

Setting up to quilt my first square. I later decided the embroidery hoop got in the way more than helped.


Honeybun even helped me out. She’d nap and I’d quilt.





I’m not sure what this picture was for. Maybe an updated status report.


I really enjoy looking at the backing with the indented red squares.


This is my favorite little area with the dinosaur doing a Pacman impression.

After the first wash and dry it wasn’t fraying up very well, so I trimmed it back and repeatededed. Yes, that’s a real word now.

Next time we’ll see the whole quilt with its label done and everything 🙂 I decided I needed to hand embroider a label. So, that’s taking a while.

The OMG Huge Diaper Bag–Part 3

Now that you know how the main bag came together and how it was all orchestrated (don’t I sound smart!) the time has come to see all the accessories in the bag. But first we’ll see them *out* of the bag and a few notes on how they were planned and assembled.


Starting at the top left we’ve got a small coin purse, tri-fold wallet, Kiddo’s spare outfit bag, wet bag, changing pad, burping cloth, Girly’s spare outfit bag, and a first aid bag. You may notice that based on my planning sketch I’m missing a pacifier bag and clip, I kind of gave up on that after Girly decided that she doesn’t really like pacifiers.

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The OMG Huge Diaper Bag – Part 2

Now in case you were wondering what the inspiration for the whole project was, here ya go:


FabricWith this beautiful paisley of course!

I still maintain that I started off with the best of intentions with the construction of my main bag. The fact that it came out extremely wide is disappointing but pretty much what hubby told me from the very beginning of the planning stage. Did I bother to scale it down? Nope.

Lots of pictures and details after the break!

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The OMG Huge Diaper Bag – Part 1

I decided to make my own diaper bag, I hated all the ones I went through with my son. They were never big enough, the pockets were the wrong sizes, every one of them had something horribly wrong. I went to and looked at all the bags out there and was eventually inspired by a few of them. Mixing up features was a definite possibility.

clip_image001Look at all the pockets, big flap rather than zipper, side gussets with elasticized pocket tops, for cellphone/water bottle.

clip_image001[8]Simplicity 2924 on burdastyle ( )

I have a huge OneNote file that has all the crazy musings that followed. Palettes, Tutorials, Lists of items to make sure were accommodated, I think I thought of just about everything that could possibly be put into a bag. I went a little overboard on the pockets and the overall size of the bag, but it’s still manageable. Once I had a fair idea of what I wanted I did some sketching…

Diaper Bag planning 1

Diaper Bag Planning 2

There were a lot of things that I wanted to do with my bag that didn’t seem to come out as planned, but I’m still really happy with the way everything came out, despite it’s overall frumpy look. Next time the finished main bag!

EDIT: Part 2 and Part 3 are done.