Spring ReGardening of 2014

We had a garden last spring (apparently it was so forgettable I didn’t even blog about it). A garden that produced a grand total of 2 edible tomatoes. They were far from being full-sized but I ate them anyways. This year we’re going even smaller thanks to reduced space and the underlying thought that if it fails at least it wasn’t a huge investment.

We’ve got 2 tomato plants instead of 6. Both are Roma variety. 3 Lettuce heads, which I think were Paris or something like a romaine. I don’t remember anymore. We’re also trying something a little different and planted 2 Bush Baby zucchini plants. They’re supposed to be more bush-like than vine-y so we used a teepee rather than a big lattice for it to climb around. WP_20140328_14_36_54_Pro

We refilled our sectioned herb pot and ended up with an extra cilantro in the green pot. Also shown: Honeybun with their outdoor picnic bench, umbrella, and my laundry washboard.


When I was taking pictures I nearly forgot about our orange bell pepper plant. We had tried for jalapenos last year and only got 1 bud to fruit completely. It was abnormally bright red and wrinkled while still on the plant so I opted to toss it after a while.

That’s the entirety of our garden this year. I’m hoping that I’ll be able to keep it in mind. The wet days we’ve been having seem to be taking care of that for me this week but I will definitely have to step it up once the hot weather moves in next month.


3 thoughts on “Spring ReGardening of 2014

  1. We have a weed that looks exactly like that pepper plant in the bottom picture. One year those weeds sprouted beside the pepper plants, like, on the little hill WITH them. I pulled every single pepper plant and left the weeds.

    Looks like a great start to me! Do you (forget what it’s called) brush your tomato blossoms to help pollinate them?

    • I’d just heard about that trick with brushing against them this year, it may have helped us last year but I think our biggest problem was that in that same container we had 6 tomato plants. I’m definitely going to try that this year.

      • Iowa is so garsh-darn windy we’ve never had to do that here but we did back in NC some. Helped a lot!

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