Current Projects: April Week 1

It’s kind of depressing how little progress I made in March. Mostly because of PAX and being sick. I finished Kiddo’s lap quilt finally. Sadly he doesn’t seem too crazy about it. Honeybun’s quilt is still being hand quilted through a spiral sort of pattern. Kiddo’s twin size quilt is still in a state of needing to be seam ripped. The baby quilt I’ve been working on is sitting on top of my machine and has been for about a month :(. I wish I had more time to devote to my projects but I feel like I’m way too busy with work and kids to do anything. Images below the more tag.
I’m still not sure I like the machine quilting I did. It looks pretty terrible on the back. I might just rip it all out and straight line it on the machine if I end up getting an afternoon where I’m doing nothing (HA!).WP_001124 (1) WP_001125 (1) I’m really digging the angled spiral pattern. I don’t know how far out I’m going to make it go but I’m thinking I’ll chalk it out once i get to have a “square” done. Maybe I’ll bind it up before I keep going on it so I can wash it and she can actually use it and stuff.WP_001126 (1)


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