Current Projects: March Week 1

Some updates:


Some quilting has gotten done, but not much.


Still trying to get the binding on


Mixing hand quilting, machine quilting, and tying

The pleats have to be reset a bit since she already wore it, stained it, and I had to wash it >.<


2 thoughts on “Current Projects: March Week 1

  1. Wow. Just hit me how warm you guys have been while we’re up here freezing, yet you make quilts and I don’t. 😛 These look great and I love the dress for Honeybun!

    • We’ve had a ridiculously mild winter here. Usually we’ll have a week or so of snow (spread throughout during) winter but I think we’ve had 3 light dustings at most this year. It’s kind of depressing since Kiddo’s been constantly bugging me about going out to play in the snow.

      I’m fairly happy with Honeybun’s dress too! I still think it has that “homemade” look (in a bad way not a good way). If anyone is curious it’s the Paper Fan Dress found here.

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