Quilting Quilts and Quilting

Finished baby’s quilt top and am working towards quilting Kiddo’s quilt via stitch in the ditch   on the blocks first and then I’ll work towards hand quilting in a road pattern on the grey blocks I think. But then at least it won’t need to be basted with safety pins like crazy the whole time. Second row on the baby quilt still needs it’s 6×6 piece of dark green but I went ahead and just pinned the dinosaur to the main block and assembled. But LOOK, all the corners are together and not crooked! /INTERNETHIGHFIVE

WP_000824 WP_000826 (1)


2 thoughts on “Quilting Quilts and Quilting

  1. I love that one of the pins is a diaper pin! My house is lived in, not a show home, and I’m forever looking for a “crayon”, leftover days from when my Kiddos were Littles. Not so many crayons around anymore but I still say it.

    • I actually used a diaper pin there because it needs a little repair job on that seam. For some reason it didn’t catch all the way so I already had a repair to do lol

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