Exotics Lost

ArenaNet announced via their favorite release sites that there will be new armor and items coming with Lost Shores. There’s a new functionality as well with “infusions” which may or may not be the same thing as infusing from Guild Wars. It also looks like they’re adding another crafting tier or at least a new set of things to harvest and process. The new armors and items (weapons maybe) will have a new quality level, so above Exotic will be now Ascended. GW2Hub presumes “these [crafting tiers/recipes] will be focused on the ascended quality as well” and I tend to agree.

Now that we’ve got the (presumed) facts, let’s get to my commentary. Of course that’s why you’re here or maybe I blackmailed you into reading my blog. Either way…

I’m not in exotics, well, no I take it back. I have a pair of gloves that dropped from Claw of Jormag that happened to be better than what I had on. Is it a set that I like or prefer? No. It’s got decent stats and it isn’t repulsive. After all, I play a Ranger and all we get are trench coats. Or really skimpy things. If I had spent the time, money and/or materials to get a full set of exotics I would be really worried right now. We don’t know all the details of them but, come on, it’s been 3 months! Why do we need a new item tier of rarity? It just makes everyone feel like they’ve wasted their time on the gear grind they were promised was not going to be in Guild Wars 2. It all depends on how these new armors turn out this weekend.

Be sure to tune in to our livestreamed podcast tonight for more observations about the Lost Shores preview tonight at 7:30pm PST!


What do you think?

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