Armor Image Project

If you’re still reading the blog after a few years, you’ll know that I was a big proponent of making sure that the LOTRO lorebook was accurate and filled in properly. The project never really got off the ground. In that spirit, I’ve pulled myself into another big overhaul. I was trying to find armors on the official wiki, just pictures of armor pieces nothing off the wall really. Well, there aren’t any. Nothing like the wonderful galleries on the Guild Wars wiki. Maybe the wiki editors will jump in behind me and say this is a good idea (more than likely they’ll never even look in my direction or undo all my edits). I’m populating a list of all the armors I can find and then I’ll start making, capturing and inputting all the screenshots to the wiki. I’ll be lucky if I can get this off the ground with how many armors there are, let alone the variations between genders and races. There’s a post on the wiki project page but I don’t know how to collaborate with people when I’m terrible at the wiki language…

If you want to help me with this, that’d be awesome. Get in touch with me!


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