Rant: Not exactly kind

Disclaimer: This is a rant post. I’m ranting and painting with some particularly broad strokes. I know this isn’t everyone this is one experience that I chose to share.

There was an “early” morning rant on twitter and a few people from TWITGuild had chimed in and were having a discussion about how corrupt and terrible The Komen Foundation is/can be. They were discussing how they felt the ribbon campaign was a waste of time as probably everyone (in modernized countries at least) is aware of breast cancer. I completely agree by the way, breast cancer “awareness” is old hat and every bit of money should be spent on research and diagnostics. We all know how the ribbons and “save the ta-ta’s” sexualized and detached the disease and left the woman out of the conversation. 100% agree and look at how we are constantly sexualized in every form of media to the point of absurdity ( I did a whole other post about a smidge of this). Exploiting women who are suffering just furthers the notion that our society is in a terrible state and needs to be, I don’t know any phrase I attempt to put here seems to be incendiary to the nth degree, educated? The other side of the coin is that people will take advantage of the sympathy received because they were/are ill. For monetary gains. It sounds ludicrous but yes it exists. A breast cancer survivor that I know actually bragged about how she got discounts (or sometimes even free goods and services) around town because she had been ill. She made it abundantly clear that she felt she was entitled to these things. Just thought I would throw out there that there are probably more people taking advantage of their situation in sick and disturbing ways.

I understand that this person I know if just one person and my sample size is overwhelmingly small but I felt the need to share the story anyways.


What do you think?

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