“So, what are you going to make?”

It’s a question that’s been posited to me every few days since the last beta event and seeing wonderful things like this makes me want to firm up on my choices.

This time around I really enjoyed playing as a Norn and it certainly wouldn’t be hard for me to RP as one. Boisterous, boastful, and cacophonous.

I was a little let down with the Sylvari I was sure that I would be playing it as my main but the way the cloth armors looked on them… well, it was disappointing. I’d have to be a transmutation stone junkie if I were to play as one. Which, I unfortunately just found out is going to make playing as an Ele very disappointing. Mainly because of all the gratuitous panty shots (yes, I’m one of *those* people). I was hoping to bundle her up in some pretty yet modest medium armor sets.

I think I’ll probably end up as a human Elementalist. The human race-based skills are nice and seemed to partner up with the class-based skills well.

But I really don’t want to play as a human and a big human Sad smile

I don’t really have much interest in playing as a Charr. I can’t really explain it other than it’s just not my personality. Same with Asura.

I don’t really go for authentic naming but I think I could really go for it. Maybe it’s time for Cookie to go away.

So let’s try to nail it down. Norn Ranger for sure. Rabbit spirit animal for RP purposes, maybe Raven for character creation? Cleverness and trickery combined with speed and stealth sounds like a great Norn Ranger. Ostara Ravenborn!

Cloth armor be damned! I really do want to play as Sylvari. Sylvari Elementalist. Cycle of Dawn for sure, well it’s either dawn or night. Either sounds perfectly appealing to me. Amareye! No need for a surname, all Sylvari are related.

What do you think guys? I won’t be able to reserve the names anymore so don’t steal them >.<


1 thought on ““So, what are you going to make?”

  1. But wait… I thought Sylvari didnt wear panties!? All you see are fig leaves! I was thinking the same thing.. Norn Ranger main, Asuran Thief, Charr Engineer.. and no idea what I want to do with a Sylvari.. not yet at least.

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