Oh, I’ve just been in GW

The long and short of what I’ve been doing is Guild Wars with a smidge of SWTOR and LoTRO thrown in.

My LDoA character is nearly 12. Which is pretty good considering my attention span at previous attempts (I used to get to maybe 8 or 9). Doing dailies is hard enough but I’m getting to where I average about three times a week. Not terrible!

I need 8 more minipets to get 8/8 on my devotion monument. So that’s cool. I’ve been begging guildies and allies for their extras and buying up whatever I can on the cheap. I had a line on a mini Shiro but it got pulled for the owner’s guildie :/

I’ve been pretty good about knocking out Nightfall HM missions. It’s also the only campaign I don’t have protector for. Dzagonur Bastion is the only mission I really truly cannot seem to get masters on. I hit a rough spot with Pogahn Passage but an ally popped in and helped me sort it out. Not enough heals when I’m running around with discordway anymore. Now that I look at that pvx build I feel stupid because that’s not even close to what my discord necros were running. So that’s fun. Using builds from a year ago without checking the community rating isn’t really smart, okay?

As soon as I get my minipets solid I’ll be selling 90% of them as dedicated. Really, who needs 50 minipets? Not me. It’s that or I buy the two storage panes I don’t have already. Or yet another character slot; 12 is never enough (/facepalm). After that I’ll be farming for hero armor upgrades. A LOT. I had to take a break from vanquishing, that s*#@ is frustrating as s@&!. Yes, those are both the same word, okay? Deal with it. It’s probably been frustrating because of my crap discord builds ‘-_-

So why am I spending so much time in Guild Wars? I’ve got a fever and the only solution is beta! Not really. I mean, I’m excited but I also have social obligations during that weekend. Another reason I’ve been in game a lot is that I can’t sew without sewing machine needles. I’ve got a project that needs to be done before July so I’m stuck waiting until we’ve got some extra cash… Surprised smile I just remembered I have a little cash on my paypal >.< It took me not sewing for the past three weeks and blogging about it to remember. GREAT! Welp, now I’ve got to go to JoAnn’s this weekend too! And JoAnn’s is next to PeiWei, so I’ll want fake Japanese food and that’s just expensive. DANG IT! Sewing makes me want expensive food.

LoTRO failed to pull me in. For a game that has dx11 and was released 2 years after Guild Wars it’s got some pretty terrible graphics. Or maybe I’m just over the game. You know I have a post still in my drafts comprehensively comparing the two games. Never felt confident enough to hit publish. I have nearly 40 blog drafts. I logged in to take advantage of the anniversary celebration stuff. Mostly to see if I could go back to it to keep me busy before GW2 release. Nope. I even played with my friend Jack. It holds pretty much no interest. Having half my current quests being “locked” and needing to pay 5g to unlock my house just makes me feel hopeless about ever wanting to play again. My minstrel will probably forever remain at 65 and in Enedwaith ready to take on the baddies, while I sit at the keyboard and wonder what the heck happened to my skills. Yet again.

SWTOR is dangerous. Seriously. I’m a level 20 Chiss Bounty Hunter. I don’t know how that happened. Well, okay, I thought I’d do Ben a favor and make a Chiss so he could make a legacy Chiss Jedi. Then all of a sudden I’d played for a week, pretty much nonstop, and my house was a complete mess. I have to put on a kitchen timer when I do play so I’m not sitting there for 4 hours or more at a stretch. That’s why SWTOR is dangerous.


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