Journal: Honeybun’s growing so fast

Journal entry for the kiddos, read at your own peril or squee. Picture heavy post.

The past few months have been really rough on Benj and I. Last week Kiddo got sick with a cold. This means I spent the week taking care of him on the couch and fighting over medicine. Honeybun, in turn, felt neglected and was clingy as all get out. It wasn’t very fun. I didn’t get to play TOR all week.
Honeybun called Benj “Dada” on Thursday, he was so happy!

We went grocery shopping yesterday and Honeybun had her first strawberries, all over the floor and all over her onesie. It was adorable and hell to clean up, in fact that onesie is most likely destined to become a cleaning rag.

This morning she had a very quick trip to the dentist. She cried a bit but they were crocodile tears. Rushed home to make lunch and some food for a party this evening.
Kiddo was surly and felt underwhelmed the whole time.

Honeybun was kind and surprisingly well-behaved. In a short moment, when I was trying to get her to eat al fresco in the backyard we decided to take some pictures of her in the pretty easter dress she was wearing. She turned to look at Benj and said “Dada”,

Benj asked her where mama was. She turned, pointed at me, and said “Mama!” :’)

Kiddo is sleeping over at grandma’s house tonight.

Honeybun, so far today, has drank out of a big girl cup, identified mama and dada, seems understand the meaning of the word ‘home,’ and is completely adorable.
Sorry Kiddo, she beat you out on cuteness today by far!

This last picture was just her exploring being in grass, it’s so strange watching a human being experience everything for the first time.

Benj, Honeybun and I went to a toy store so we could get some waterguns, waterballoons and bubbles for tomorrow. Should be a wet and wonderful first easter for Honeybun! It might even be warm enough to get in the pool 😀


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