Rant: Sick Children Insanity

I’ve had one hell of a month. It all got started when Pops slept over at my mother-in-law’s house and caught a flu-like infection from my stepsister-in-law in the days before Christmas. By Christmas, Honeybun and I had it too. Last week Ben finally succumbed. This morning Pops woke up runny, coughing, and gagging on mucous again. He caught a cold last night while we were outside working on my Volvo. Right now it’s afternoon naptime and Honeybun is already having sneezing fits. She refuses to wear pants and overalls have apparently ceased production so it was only a matter of time. We’re now on day berjillion of my sinus headache and while it’s decreased in intensity it comes back in full force whenever one of the kids bumps into my head. It happens a few times a day.
Why were we out working on my car in 30-40′ weather? Oh! My car got an orange sticker saying it would be towed because its inspection had expired. It’d never been a problem for the past year for them but this January was the time the apartment office wanted to take care of it. My car is special to me and that’s pretty much the only reason I still have it. However it’s also a year younger than it should be to be exempt from emissions testing. Quite frankly, even if I got it running I’m not confident it would pass the first time. Anyhoo, unless it has its inspection up to date by tomorrow they’ll be towing it to some random lot. So in a last attempt we put in new spark plugs after replacing the battery last weekend. There’s a plethora of things that could be wrong and we’re trying to eliminate the cheapest ones first. Today I’ve been calling tow services to get quotes for towing it over to my mother-in-law’s house where we can work on it more leisurely. Then my mom calls and reminds me of an autoshop up the road. Going to be giving them a call very soon. Keep your fingers crossed for me internet. I need to catch a break today.


3 thoughts on “Rant: Sick Children Insanity

  1. Sounds like you guys need a vacation! Have you tried a neti-pot for the sinus headache? I hate the thought of using them but man, they really do help sometimes.

    Jax went through a ‘I must be naked’ stage that lasted for months and months (and in public, too)! So I find it amusing when I hear of other babies refusing to wear this and that. 😛

  2. They scare me, too, for the same reason. Have to talk myself into using mine even tho I know how well it works.

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