Journal: Honeybun’s first ear infection

Warning: This post will talk about baby poop. Read at your own discretion.

Honeybun has had a raging cold for so far 12 days. Took her the doctor on Thursday only to find out that she apparently has had an ear infection this whole time. The first few days she was sick she was stuck at the intersection of diarrhea and snot running. By the ninth day, the day we went to the doctor, she was finally back to a normal routine as far as diapering. Then we started Cefdinir for the infection. She now is pooping 5 times a day and after only two days she looked awful. Poor thing was clown nose red ALL over the lady regions. Petroleum jelly and warm water didn’t seem to help too much. I told myself after we picked up Benj from work that I’d pull out the high strength buttpaste sample if she was still red in the morning. Not needed. I had read and Ben had also suggested seeing if the cloth diapers I used with Pops would be better for her bum. Last night I put a little more jelly and cloth diapers. She was a normal baby! Laughing, jumping, playing! The only problem with this solution means I’ll be going to the laundromat every two days to wash my entire stash of diapers. Wet bagging will begin this evening >.< I’m just amazed these diapers even fit her. I mean, she’s 21lbs. Although that means that she’s only gained one pound since she was 6 months old. Incredible what happens once they’re crawling!

After dealing with cloth diapers all night it seems like the diaper rash is almost completely gone. I wouldn’t have suspected this to work but it certainly did to my surprise. I *know* that it’s cheaper in the long run, but crap. Laundry all the time. The chore I dislike most. Well, no, I hate folding; Folding the laundry after washing and drying all the laundry is what I dislike. Doing laundry is easy enough.


1 thought on “Journal: Honeybun’s first ear infection

  1. Would think the meds could have caused the rash. They gave Troy so very many different meds when he had meningitis (sp?) he had ghod awful rashes for a few months afterwards. Got to a point where even though he was just a couple of months, I would leave him diaperless for a few hours a day. (this was when he was so raw it’d burned the skin off) Was so glad when that was finally over. Hope she’s over the ear infection soon!

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