Fabric Lust

I’ve been considering fabric choices for a quilt for hubby and I. This has led to me having extreme fabric lust. I don’t really have a great stash of fabrics. In fact the largest fabric cut I’ve got is 2 yards of interlocking knit. In white. I’m lusting for a huge stash that I’ve got no room for. So, next year I know what I’m asking for. Fatquartershop.com gift certificates.

Isn’t that just GORGEOUS?! *drool* Benj worked out that it’s actually a bargain at $169.99. ~1.69 USD per fat quarter. All I was looking for was to see if the Kona Color card had reduced in price. Hint: It hasn’t. 😦 Why can’t they just tell people what pantone the fabrics are? OH! Because then they couldn’t charge 30 freaking bucks so you know what the colors are! OR MORE. I concede that the color cards are in fact fabric swatches, but doesn’t the dye lot correspond to a pantone (I have book of pantones left over from my art school days :P) or at least a hex value that could be made free to the public?


4 thoughts on “Fabric Lust

  1. I see things like this and it spurs all these creative juices that I just don’t have, lol. I watch design shows and think ‘you’d never catch me dead in that pattern with that stripe’ or something similar … I don’t think I have the eye for it let alone the talent at making stuff. I do like to see others doing it, tho, hence why I watch design shows.

    I went to the link for a pantone and I’m still confused. Looks like a type of design color wheel. Color me confused! (I b cheesy!)

    • Pantones are part of a standardized color pallette that is supposed to take out the guesswork when looking at a color on different screens, lighting, etc. So if I say that the color is Pantone Tangerine Tango anyone will be able to recreate it with ease if they are able to look up pantones.

      I follow patterns mostly. So. There’s not much creativity there lol Oh and I dress like a hobo most of the time 😛 Jeans and a baggy shirt for the win.

  2. Ah, ok. That makes sense.

    I wear big baggy shirts and yoga pants most of the time. MIke got me a long sleeved Bears tee that fits me. He loves the look but I feel so … weird … wearing something that fits versus something huge. Takes getting used to.

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