Perennial updates

Today’s been a special hell, but I’ll get to that in a bit. Christmas went wonderfully. Pops was overwhelmed this year and really got enveloped in the magic of it all. He got a TON of toys. Thankfully we were a step ahead and got more toy bins from Ikea.

It was a very Cars themed evening. Surprising since he doesn’t like watching that movie (he says they crash too much, go figure). He lit up when he got the play kitchen he’d been asking for all year (practically). I think he even made a few meals before we loaded it up and came home. He’s got a vegetable basket, fruit basket, utensils, sandwich makings and breakfast items.  

Honeybun got a few toys but she’s mostly crazy for her sapo (frog). It’s kinda like chenille, mostly she just makes out with it 😛
Her great-uncle got the coolest finger puppets but I think it’ll be a few months before she does anything except above them in her mouth.

Speaking of mouths, she’s finally cut the top of her first tooth. Which might explain how awful she’s been the past two days. We’re all still sick (aside from Benj) so I wouldn’t have noticed a light fever but she certainly had the diarrhea associated with teething. Probably TMI if you’re not a mom lol.

Pops has been playing at the neighbors’ apartment more often lately since their mom doesn’t want them outside for some reason. I dunno why, it’s been in the 40-50’s and clear. The only thing that drives me crazy about this is that Pops will open the front door to get a toy and just leave it open as he goes back over. It made me think some random person would see our Xbox and decide to grab and run. Neighbor’s eldest also said we were “rich,” it made Benj snort with laughter but really we’ve had a pretty damn good year. We may spend our money on games instead of tv service (I think that’s what struck him as being rich) but we probably make the same relative income as their parents.

I’ve been trying my hand at Hawaiian quilting this week. I was really looking forward to it but quite honestly applique is not fun. It’s extremely finicky and my results are rudimentary at best with the needleturn method. Even though it’s all been with scrap I still really have my mind set on our quilt being in this style. Which means it will be almost entirely 100% hand stitched, quilted, and appliqued. On a queen size quilt. I won’t be done until next Christmas (that’s at breakneck speed). Here’s hoping I find another quilt that both Benj and I like LOL.

It’s not likely that I’ll be blogging again before the end of the year so my wish for you all is a blessed and prosperous new year. We will be heading into the year of the dragon, so hopefully good things will happen for us all!

P.S. Pops was following me around in an attempt to avoid going to bed, which is why he looks rather guilty in the uppermost picture.


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