Quilt Write Up – Part One

Six months ago I found out a friend of mine was pregnant(UPDATE: She had the baby on 11/28 :D). I had been wanting to learn how to quilt since I was a teenager so I decided this was the perfect opportunity. A month or two passed and we found out it was a boy so I planned blues and greens. I scoured fabric sites determined they wanted way too much money for fat quarters and went to JoAnn’s instead. I had spent a lot of time reading through Crazy Mom Quilts and decided the ragged squares quilt was probably a good first baby quilt.


The main patterned fabric, the backing and binding were the foundations for the rest of the fat quarters I picked out of the dollar bin and scrounged coupons for.

WP_000576 Here we have the squares all cut out, pressed, and pinned together before I stitched them up on the sewing machine. Thankfully after 10 or 20 times of messing with thread tension and reseating the bobbin they looked pretty good.

I spent at least 3 or 4 hours just staring at the quilt squares laid out in a grid like this only to have Benj come home and put them in the perfect order.

WP_000780 Pinning and stitching on the machine made me disappointed. The squares don’t match up into beautiful little junctions of seams. My inability to uniformly cut and measure seems to bite me again. Benj says it looks better this way because it gives a genuine homemade quality. After staring at it for a few more hours, I agree.

Setting up to quilt my first square. I later decided the embroidery hoop got in the way more than helped.


Honeybun even helped me out. She’d nap and I’d quilt.





I’m not sure what this picture was for. Maybe an updated status report.


I really enjoy looking at the backing with the indented red squares.


This is my favorite little area with the dinosaur doing a Pacman impression.

After the first wash and dry it wasn’t fraying up very well, so I trimmed it back and repeatededed. Yes, that’s a real word now.

Next time we’ll see the whole quilt with its label done and everything 🙂 I decided I needed to hand embroider a label. So, that’s taking a while.


What do you think?

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