Journal: Why today sucked

Journal entry for venting and the kiddos. I was writing about how awful Thursday (Nov 3) was.

Bonus picture is of Pops photobombing Honeybun’s first tortilla. Read the rest at your own peril.

Started off badly last night when my mom messaged me about a disturbing postcard she received regarding me and an 8 (EIGHT) year old traffic ticket. So of course I riled myself up and worried about it until 3am. Naturally, Honeybun woke up at 8:30 and made sure I was fully awake by emptying a 20 ounce glass of sweet all over my keyboard, desk, and subwoofer. She laughs as the tea drips down our legs. Cursing begins, loudly, which wakes up Pops.

I begin popping off keys rapidly while Honeybun wails in her bassinet. Get Honeybun to settle down and begin to take her morning nap and Pops, of course, decides he needs a drink. One of his own, in a specific sippy cup. Cleaning sippy cups is a special kind of hell that mostly moms have to deal with, it sucks.

Pops begged to play gun outside so I had to get everyone bundled at least a little (50′ or so). Honeybun screams when she’s forced to wear a hat now 😦 We play outside for 5 minutes before Pops decides he’s hungry. He only wants string cheese. I scramble a few eggs just in case he chooses to eat more, he doesn’t.

While Pops eats his cheese and I my eggs, Honeybun is having a sit and chewing on toys. When she starts to fall over to get on her stomach I have to save her from faceplanting into Pops plastic matchbox car carrier doing so results in my pinky nail snagging an edge and pulling away from the nailbed luckily not all the way.

Benj had to work late and both the kids felt feverish so we all took a nap at 5pm. I woke up at 6. Pops was whining in his sleep so I attempted to wake him up to ask if he needed the restroom. The responses I got still puzzle me. He said yes he needed to go but that he wasn’t allowed to. It took me at least 5 minutes to convince him to go use the facilities. Then I was waiting for him to come back and I heard him crying in the bathroom.

The best I could understand and this is verbatim, I was trying to “blow (him) away and it made (him) really mad.” He’s had nightmares quite a bit but he’s never insisted they were real before. Through me for a loop.

Later on Pops is laying down in our bed by himself because he’s told me to leave him alone. He starts screaming for me to come because there’s a small black housefly buzzing around the room. Seriously.

He’s starting to get more frustrated with little incidents. He dropped some taco filling out of the tortilla and in a very loud angry voice exclaimed “Oh No!” I immediately looked over and helped him to replace emphasizing it was no big deal and nothing to worry about or to get upset over.

He’s also becoming more self-conscious. I playfully spiked his Mohawk up after his bath with a brush. He giggled and started to smooth it out saying that the neighbor boys would laugh at him. I spiked it up again and emphasized that he should wear his hair how he likes and not worry about what others might say. He dismissed me completely. Is he 3 or 13?

Honeybun is getting up on all fours and rocking, so crawling is almost around the corner. I don’t know if I should be thankful or afraid. She’s a heavy baby (over 20 lbs at 5 months) so my arms and back will be happy when she does start moving through the house on her own a bit.


1 thought on “Journal: Why today sucked

  1. Daughter whines/moans in her sleep when she’s sick or just not feeling good. Sounds like his was a bad dream. Poor guy. 😦 Hopefully the postcard is easily taken care of and no big deal. Honeybun almost crawling, huge deal! A big WOOT and and ‘oh no!’, but a cute one. Mobile babies are fun but man at the stuff they can get into.

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