My quilt is done. Yay! Baby boy was born on Monday. Yay! I need to wash, dry, and label it. Boo!
I was hoping to do laundry last night and be publishing the long post today but Ben had to work late and, frankly, I didn’t have the heart to force him into it last night.
Also, for those of you that listen to the podcast, I goofed. I totally forgot to draft up the show notes, which is why the show is four days late. I blame the turkey.
Speaking of brain farts. I hit the top of my head on the freezer door corner and totally gave myself a light concussion. Proceeded to get so dizzy that I fell on my ass for a while. Fun stuff. At least Honeybun managed to grasp the fact that I was hurt and quit crying for a minute. Cooking dinner is hard >.<
Honeybun crawled! Sort of. She's super chub so her abs aren't strong enough to hold her up for too long. I'd been down on the floor coaching her and showing the cross-crawl pattern for a few minutes and she picked it up. She had started the all fours rocking after she saw another baby doing it. Monkey see, indeed.
We went to microcenter Wednesday night and bought each other our Christmas presents. 23" LED monitors 😀 The sad part is that we came in for a KVM switch and ended up spending some serious dough lol. At least now the only major purchase we need to make are two tires :/
EDIT: Oops, I was just wondering why I hadn't gotten any emails or comments. I forgot to push the publish button. HA!


Not Dead, Just Dead Tired

I’ve been blogging, for realsies, you guys just haven’t seen any of it. I usually type up blogs on my phone except lately I’ve been running into a weird bug with the windows phone 7 WordPress app. Once the post gets to a certain length it starts to just display blank space and not the words you’ve typed. Maddening when there’s a long post to pen. Or not pen, write? Author? Type? You get the idea.


We’ve been gearing up for the holidays around here. Honeybun is still in the process of learning crawling and she’s started off with some pureed pears as a first real meal. Everyone usually sneaks her something during a big family meal but that’s just how it goes with babies. Pops is obsessed with guns and says he wants every gun he sees. Bad news when he spends the day watching YouTube videos of little boys and paper guns.

Thanksgiving is upcoming so that’s being planned. Sort of. Haphazardly. I bought two 3lb turkey breasts because my oven sucks and I don’t want to risk having a frozen bird after 6 hours of cooking. My oven is also on the small side. We’re keeping it simple this year; turkey breast, stuffing, green bean casserole, candied sweet potatoes, salad, kolache dough rolls, and deviled eggs (Thanks Ranni!) are definitely on the menu. An apple pie may be joining the party but pumpkin is out since I refuse to go to the store during this week. It’s a matter of keeping my sanity.

I got a super awesome birthday present from Benj who didn’t actually notice it was on my Christmas list 😛 He’s a sweetheart for coming up with it on his own. Love it. Gave it an inaugural run tonight for episode 9 and I think it sounded pretty good. You can judge for yourself once it’s uploaded. Unfortunately I wasn’t on the top of my game so Chris will have a fair amount of editing to do >.<

There's a super huge post coming down the line about that quilt I'm still sort of making. Our relationship is complicated. Don't ask, it's definitely a weird quilters thing.

I might blog about Thanksgiving.

I'll definitely blog about the awesome microphone rig I've got.

For now, sleep.


In case you didn’t know NaNoWriMo started up today. This will be my first year participating and I can already tell that, not unlike my blog posts, the majority of my writing will be done on my phone while laying in bed breastfeeding. Also, I’ll be lucky if I get 500 words a day. That might also be because Pops refused to sit down and watch Netflix while Honeybun napped (GASP).

So far word is telling me I’m at 1,800 words. Woot, it only took me 2 months to get that far 😛