Kolache Cookalong

GroupedIngredientsScalding MilkMeltingFoamyCakey?
Blob-yGrowingDough DoughStickinessAfter KneadingFillings Prep
RisingPunchedWrappingFirst InLike PresentsFirst Out
Second OutThird InThird Out

Kolache Cookalong, a set on Flickr.

Kolache is a Czech pastry, it can be filled with meat, cheese, jams or jellies, it’s pretty versatile and the dough they use is more fancy than your typical croissant tin wrapped hot dog. And now after reading the wikipedia page it seems I’ve been making both kolache and klobasnek. Whatever. In Texas, they’re both kolache. I grew up a few blocks from a Shipley’s so I always figured everyone knew about kolache 😛

Sweet or savory, breakfast or dinner, they make a fine addition to your meal planning.