Ow My Back

I don’t normally blog/brag about how incredibly clumsy I am. Today pretty much took the cake. My chair broke. While I was leaning back and holding Honeybun.

Yeah. The plastic was slightly cracked from another similar incident. The falling probably happened as a direct result of the crack being strategically placed.
I’m glad to report that Pops did not get squashed in the bean bag he’d been sickly languishing in. Honeybun got a slight bonk on her head that fortunately didn’t warrant more than 30 seconds of startled crying. Me? Oh, no. I was on the ground sobbing for a few minutes. My hips hit the television stand, my head a bean bag, while my shoulders and back crashed clumsily to the floor (by the way, thanks to the cheapness of my landlord they might as well just be cement slabs, no cushion). No I didn’t try to throw my arms out to brace myself, 5 month old baby in my arms remember, stupid martyrdom motherhood acting up again /sarcasm. About ten minutes later as I was getting up off the floor to get Pops his cold medicine and realized I was very sore. Still am but hopefully it won’t be worse later on; I gots a podcast to make tomorrow.
Oh yeah, Thursday-ish I’ll share my granola adventure if I haven’t managed to accidentally killed myself while sewing Halloween costumes.


3 thoughts on “Ow My Back

  1. Oh wow. That totally sucks. I have, so far, never had the experience of a chair breaking but I did have a big wooden puppet stage fall on my head as a kid so hard my head broke through it. If that helps.

    Glad to hear the kids were fine. Hopefully it’s just a bit of soreness with you. Tried a long hot soak yet? (if you have time that is) Hope you’re feeling completely better tomorrow! (hugs)

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