Pumpkin Carving is Hard Work

Let me preface the title a bit by saying that I spent almost all of last week quilting nonstop. I didn’t even do much and it still made my hands hurt!

Pops and Benj went at it Tuesday evening. I helped scoop out the pumpkin soul and consulted with design 😛 Last night Benj declared it to be finished after some more whittling on the mouth area.

I was frugal; separating, washing, and drying the pumpkin seeds. Overnight they decided to fuse with the paper towels so I had to de-lint them by hand all morning. Fun stuff /eyeroll. I’ve got an idea in mind for a not so healthy granola/yogurt topping. Rolled oats, pumpkin seeds, walnuts, dried fruit, cinnamon, sugar, and honey to glue it all together in the oven. Maybe even some nutmeg or I might go crazy with ginger. Who knows? 90% of the time I’m winging it in the kitchen.

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