Pops’ Ruined Pillowcase Cape

What do you do with an inexplicably ruined pillowcase? You could use it for a scrappy quilt, a pillowcase is about as large as a fat quarter. Or you could make a delicate hostess apron for the upcoming holiday season. Really there’s only ever one choice: superhero cape.

How did this pillowcase acquire such a malady? No clue, maybe a bra hook in the wash did it in over time. Either way, let’s not throw away fabric.

I had to cut up the center of one side depending on where the offensive area resides you may end up having to get pretty creative. Then I cut along a diagonal to slope it and get the fabric for the ties. (The picture is actually upside-down if you want to think of it that way.)

Fold the raw edges over by 1/4 inch and press, repeat, and pin them to make your hem all the way around. Then take your strip and make double-fold bias tape, except without the whole having been cut on a bias. It will make sense once you look at it. Basically you cut a strip about 1 to 1-1/2 inches wide and 4 to 5 inches long. Fold (AND press) over each side twice like you’re going to hem it, then sew it closed with a straight or zigzag so the tie is reinforced. Sorta, Kinda.

Fold over the neck area and pin carefully. If you’re a good seamstress(seamsperson?) you’ll probably want to baste on the ties and all that stuff. Unfortunately I had about 20 minutes, so I pinned lightly and have very crooked seams and cuts. Look Ma, no ruler! Totally caught him in the middle of an episode of Blue’s Clues and he didn’t want to smile for me. Lovely child, eh?

No matter how bad you think it looks your toddler/preschooler will love it.

Maybe Pops can be a superhero for Halloween. We still haven’t finalized anyone’s costumes >.<


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