Journal Entry for Kiddo and Girly

Doing something different. I thought it might be nice to make a few journal entries every once in a while for my kids to read in the future. If that’s something you’re not interested in, feel free to skip them.

I started a cheapy baby book today for Girly, which you promptly drooled all over, and I felt the need to be nostalgic. So I’m recording a few snippets of what daily life is like in our house and the sort of things you did when you were little.

This morning Kiddo woke up at 7:30 and asked Daddy to bring him into our bed (you’ve been sleeping in your own bed, but still in our room), at 8:00 you gave him permission to get up. You made him late and he didn’t mind that at all. He loves to cuddle you. Mommy however didn’t even notice and slept until 8:40 when Girly woke up and Kiddo was still asleep. Changed Girly, drank coffee, checked twitter and then Kiddo woke up. Kiddo didn’t want to brush his teeth so I threatened him with no Mr Rogers or PBS streaming. It worked.

Preschoolers watch copious amounts of TV, especially Kiddo since he doesn’t get a lot of socialization. Kiddo, I thought, had gotten over his obsession with The Upside Down Show, but the action fingers live on. Constantly climbing, exploring and falling to their deaths when they forget their jetpacks.

Teeth brushed, face washed, his mohawk already needs a clean-up on the sides, even though I shaved it down on Sunday. Girly was having play time in her baby gym while I was picking up trash and sorting toys. Moved Girly to her boppy so she could exercise her arms and hopefully get to the point that she can pick up her tummy (right now you’re only lifting your chest a little bit off the floor, but your legs are moving back and forth in a scoot) and I left you alone with Kiddo for a minute or so. I come back and he’s showing you his “magic tricks.” With a handkerchief over your hand you increasingly reveal more fingers as the hanky is pulled away, fist goes under, pointer comes out, pointer goes under, two fingers come out, etc. You laugh and smile for him and in turn her laughs and smiles back repeatedly. You’re both in giggle fits and it makes my day. Finished cleaning the living room and getting together all the trash.

Kiddo, you’re nearly 4 years old, why are you still afraid of the vacuum cleaner?

Kiddo watches Mr Rogers while Girly takes her morning nap, unfortunately she went to sleep with a poopy diaper. Girly wakes up and gets changed again. I think it’s about 11:30 and I’m thinking about food, but I start reading an article on Offbeat Home about organizing cords with a shoe organizer and I get compelled to throw all my crap away.

Sort through some paperwork on my desk while the kids are on the couch, Girly is propped up with pillows, and you guys play with her linking rings, she’s chewing on a relatively clean pair of her own socks.

After about 15 minutes of this Girly is screaming her head off, wondering why I’m not holding her. Girly, my GOD, why are you such an attention-starved baby? If I held you all day you’d still want more. Into the bassinet she goes, you’re the type of baby that has to scream in order to sleep well. The complete opposite of your brother. I’ve heard it told that even if you had 5 or 6 kids they’d all be completely different and opposite in ways you couldn’t imagine. I think they may be right.

At 1:30 I’m starving and Kiddo has been munching on grapes all day. Mello Yello, chex mix, and maria cookies. It’s not healthy, but I’m already too shakey to cook. Obie watches Barney on the xbox and plays with legos. Girly falls asleep (bf’ing) while I watch The Daily Show. You spend the rest of the afternoon trying to steal my attention from each other. Girly is starting to grab things on my desk and move them back and forth. In fact, I’ve been fighting with her this whole time to keep her from shoving my fingers in between her gums. Ew, drool.

In 2 hours Dad will be home and he’ll rough-house in bed with yall while I finish cooking dinner (chicken fried rice and tamagoyaki). Since you’ve been up all day you guys might actually go to sleep before 10pm. I might get to bed before midnight so we can do this whole thing all over again. I think I’m getting a chest cold from the seasonal changes (again), so this weekend is shaping up to be a real “winner.”

Some tweets from today….

“I want Del Taco :(“

This is a restaurant your Dad and I loved when we lived in Phoenix.

“So I have a binder, FULL of builds, charts, etc regarding guild wars. Should I keep it? #WantToTossEverything”

This was the game I played constantly before you all were conceived. I still play it weekly, but mostly I’m excited about the sequel.

“I was going to tweet something…then I found out that Girly had been pressing the spacebar for 10min, so I had to clear the line #Delete”



2 thoughts on “Journal Entry for Kiddo and Girly

  1. Brings me straight back to when mine were little. They are different in SO many ways which is mind boggling considering how alike they are at the same time. Almost makes me want another baby. Almost until I remember they grow up to be teenagers. Heh.

    I lost the babybooks for my first 3 in a fire. Didn’t attempt one for my last, just didn’t occur to me. Same thing happened with my mom. My babybook is FILLED, my brother’s was hit or miss and my sister? She didn’t even have one.

  2. C’mon, boyo! You know how to take better pictures than that.. In 15 years, you’re gonna see that and think you’re a right git posing like that. Don’t say I didn’t warn ya..

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