The story that came

Last night I was cooking dinner and an image flashed in my mind of a woman with green eyes reflecting a golden sunrise off her sniper rifle scope.

Nearly 900 words (according to Word) it’s a story that’s coming together quickly and I had no idea it was in me.

I used to write short stories, a lot of them, all through middle and high school. I didn’t have very many friends in middle school and my capacity to pull random lies out of my butt had to be used for something. So when a teacher suggested writing them down, I was skeptical. Then came the inevitable poor poetry phase, usually angst fueled tripe with bad structure and even worse imagery. I was enthralled during art class and mostly dismissed what talent I did have as being a good method and fair execution. I’m a master demoralizer. After that I had more important things to focus on, like boys. I got married and went to art school for a semester and ran out of money. I loved every piece I created while I was there and I’ve always wondered where my inspiration has come from. I still don’t know but I think I’ve just written part of a back story for this piece.


It’s done in prismacolor markers in case you’re interested in the methods. No digital manipulation other than scanning it in. It was a standard exercise to get us look at shape, color, and shading. I think it was one of the first projects we did. Not necessarily interesting but it’s always been my favorite.

Anyhoo, I’m planning on working more on this story, maybe it’s more than a short story. I really don’t know yet, but I’m letting the story take me where it will.


6 thoughts on “The story that came

  1. I love the drawing of the eye – did you do that? And it’s funny how you pulled lies out of your arse 🙂 Good luck with your story telling! Feels great, doesn’t it.

    • Yes, it’s one of the first pieces we did for my rules of color course, or whatever they called that class.
      As a stay at home mom it’s really nice to have a creative outlet that can be done while sitting around during the many hours of breastfeeding.

  2. Jax saw the eye and wanted me to print it out so she could hang it in her ‘office’, lol. (I didn’t tho so don’t worry) I really like it, too.

    I used to do a lot of short story and poetry writing. I never have a want to stick to any particular convention though, which is why I label my blogging as ‘conversational’, so I can get away with whatever I want to. It’s not because I’m lazy but more because I hate being told what to do. Which is why I’ll never be published outside of the odd magazine or something, lol. Good luck with your story. Have you thought about the NaNoWriMo projects? Know quite a few who say it helps them tremendously to be a part of them.

    • I was thinking about making it a NaNoWriMo it’s just that I think I won’t make much headway working in one of the busiest months for family functions etc. If Jax wants to print it out for her wall that’s okay with me, I trust you guys 😉
      As for the rest of yall? No pic for you! 😛

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