Pincushion Pillow DIY

I’ve been needing a pin cushion for a year or two, so I finally made one! I wasn’t really trying to follow a pattern or anything, but I think I ended up making one. So here we go, the very simplified no real measurement fly by the seat of your pants sewing tutorial.

I cut out a square with 6-1/2 inch dimensions. Then I took some scraps and made a sort of quilting block. Just kind of patchwork hodge podge random block. I cut some strips of different fabric about 5 inches long and 2 inches wide. Sew the strips together and press the seams to one side.

Stitch the strips to one square, leave a small space where the long strip will overlap. Close up the strips to make a nice seam (so the strips form a “circle”) and then finish off the seam with the square. Sew on the other square and leave about 3 inches open. Turn it right-side out and stuff it until you like the firmness, I used a whole lot since it’s a pin cushion. Close up the last seam and you’ve got a solid pillow.

As a last little detail I put on a big button Winking smile


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