My husband is awesome

If you don’t play LOTRO or Guild Wars you probably won’t understand this and he probably will be upset that I’m blogging it. We had an epic conversation. I’ve edited out little bits to make it flow better but otherwise it’s intact.

any ideas for ask an asuran?

pets.. i wanna know about pets and minis
are there going to be some new and unique pets for rangers?
and will there be more minis in GW2

hrm, there’s not a lot of info on that
we can make assumptions and discuss
good idea

Will the menagerie make a comeback in GW2?
will it be more personalized this time around?
and most importantly.. can I ride a flamingo or warthog this time?

no mounts confirmed

im not asking for a mount..

they’ve said we won’t be driving anything either
riding it would make a mount

I’m asking for an emote that lets me ride my pet in town

LOL doubtful.

an asuran on a cute piglet would be awesome
instead of their golums
next week talk about the awesomeness of owning your own area for your kinship in GW1 and why the hell we dont have housing

no housing at release
*at release!*

cause i want a pen in the back of my house to corral my pets
not a friggin zoo


i mean it takes FOREVER to get to where you want to go for a pet
i mean REALLY
cant i just keep my flamingos penned up?
and wouldnt it be cool if you had a crocodile tamed and when you came home it had eaten your flamingos cause you were silly enough to pen them together?

LOL they’d never do that
too many combinations

i mean COMEON!
its The SIMS GW Edition

we get keeps for our kinship.. pets to tame.. costumes and masks for holidays and special events.. how much harder is it to make a house with a wardrobe and rideable pets?!

I changed kinship to guild and i’m tweeting that.

i prolly shouldve tweeted that
silly lotro/gw mashup


also.. related to LOTRO
what does it take to stroll down middle earth in the rain and get a friggin umbrella!?


my armor will polly rust at that rate

unless you’re a medium or light class

should make swords, axes, and maces become damaged over time in the rain.. haveta repair more often during the rainy season
i doubt GW will have mounts
charrs ride scorpions..
i dont think charr and horses would even get along
asurans ride golums that are already slowish
yous have to put a golum on a horse and thats just redundant
and might kill the horse

ok, golem or gollum?

(The following message could not be delivered to all recipients: ok, golem or gollum?) OutLoud: NOOOOOOOOOO!

and I imagine the plant people have something against herbivores…..

And then he had to get back to work, but I thought it was worth recording how awesome and weird my husband is.


My Mouth is on Fire: Spicy Sausage Pasta

1 package Earl Hot Links

1 onion (cut in circles)

1 can mushrooms (small)

16 oz uncooked fusili (or spiral or whatever :P)

1 can fire-roasted tomatoes (I used some with jalapenos and more onion)

1/2 tsp black pepper

Cook your pasta based on what the package says, drain and return to the large pot you probably used. Fry up the sausage, onion, mushrooms, add in pepper once the onion is cooked thoroughly. Mix it all together and serve it up. Prepare for the heat wave to approach your mouth 😀

The story that came

Last night I was cooking dinner and an image flashed in my mind of a woman with green eyes reflecting a golden sunrise off her sniper rifle scope.

Nearly 900 words (according to Word) it’s a story that’s coming together quickly and I had no idea it was in me.

I used to write short stories, a lot of them, all through middle and high school. I didn’t have very many friends in middle school and my capacity to pull random lies out of my butt had to be used for something. So when a teacher suggested writing them down, I was skeptical. Then came the inevitable poor poetry phase, usually angst fueled tripe with bad structure and even worse imagery. I was enthralled during art class and mostly dismissed what talent I did have as being a good method and fair execution. I’m a master demoralizer. After that I had more important things to focus on, like boys. I got married and went to art school for a semester and ran out of money. I loved every piece I created while I was there and I’ve always wondered where my inspiration has come from. I still don’t know but I think I’ve just written part of a back story for this piece.


It’s done in prismacolor markers in case you’re interested in the methods. No digital manipulation other than scanning it in. It was a standard exercise to get us look at shape, color, and shading. I think it was one of the first projects we did. Not necessarily interesting but it’s always been my favorite.

Anyhoo, I’m planning on working more on this story, maybe it’s more than a short story. I really don’t know yet, but I’m letting the story take me where it will.

Pincushion Pillow DIY

I’ve been needing a pin cushion for a year or two, so I finally made one! I wasn’t really trying to follow a pattern or anything, but I think I ended up making one. So here we go, the very simplified no real measurement fly by the seat of your pants sewing tutorial.

I cut out a square with 6-1/2 inch dimensions. Then I took some scraps and made a sort of quilting block. Just kind of patchwork hodge podge random block. I cut some strips of different fabric about 5 inches long and 2 inches wide. Sew the strips together and press the seams to one side.

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