Late night rambler

Every night at 2 am my apartment’s sprinkler system kicks on; every single night I think it has started to rain and then I realize it’s 2.
Tonight, for some reason, I started thinking about bearded ladies while laying in bed. Which then directed me to that episode of Torchwood (Ianto?!) with the sideshows and the film reel. It got me thinking that old, good Torchwood was kind of Warehouse-y (Ianto with H.G.!). Maybe that’s why I like Warehouse 13 as much as I do. Ahhhh! It is also a wibbly, wobbly, timey-wimey day tomorrow! SQUEE!
My hair is pretty much a disaster, even my mom thinks it looks like I’m wearing a wig or something. The coloring pattern that randomly happened makes look like a spotted leopard. Maybe I’ll get brave and post a picture on gplus later. I’m going to give the blonde a few more days at least and then I’ll move on to blue and/or purple. The texture of bleached hair is worse than a horse’s tail. It displeases me greatly. 😦
I’m really enjoying the serenity that comes with handquilting. I don’t know if any of my readers are quilters or seamstresses or even “crafty.” I want to get #LateNightQuilter trending some day, or rather night, I know there’s got to be other moms out there quilting deep into the night. I don’t really have friends in real life so itd be cool to at least keep in touch with some people who share my interests, lifestyle, whatever. I mean, can you name any 20-something stay at home moms with (soon to be) purple hair who quilt all night? Yeah.
Girly got some more hand-me-down clothes, some of which she’s already outgrown (boo). I’m actually really enjoying the round Robin that’s going on. My friend’s granddaughter is 3 months older than Girly, another of her relatives has a girl about 2 months younger than Girly, so it all works out that we’re rotating through. I’m only holding on to a few outfits that I really love or that I made.
Ok, night night Internets! Also I typed this on my phone, so it’s not my fault if some of the words are wonky 😛


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