Adventures in Hair

So I finally couldn’t resist scratching the itch. Which itch, you say? The hair dyeing itch.

After maybe two years of not doing it I was determined to do it last night. Now, I hadn’t noticed at the store, but the “funky” hair dye I had picked out already came with a small bleaching kit. So I used that rather than the “Super Blonde” I had bought last night. It was not enough bleach, even for my newly thinned hair (thanks pregnancy hormones), and I look pretty ridiculous. You know how so many teenagers were doing this weird black and blonde combo a few years ago? Yeah, it’s about that good looking this morning. I do however don’t think I look awful as a blonde, when just about everyone thought it wouldn’t look right. I don’t know, I’ve always had a strawberry light brown sort of shade and the blonde from the bleach kit kind of looks like a strawberry blonde in some spots. /shrug

I posted a pic on Facebook before I rinsed it all out, that’s what the granules are by the way, and not a single comment occurred so I’m not sure if people just ignored it or think I’m crazy. Either way, it’s a little strange having a weird hair color. Yes, blonde is weird to me.yep, i put my hair into a plastic bag

It’s also made me notice that we don’t have mirrors in our apartment. I mean, we have the one in the bathroom and I’ve learned to ignore the one over the wet-bar (yep, it’s an OLD apartment) but I think it says a lot about how insecure we are. I don’t want to delve into this right now. Honestly, I’m sure I could share way too much and spend too much doing it. As it is I’m going to have to bleach out my hair again tomorrow night. I know I said I wanted to go purple or blue, but I think I’ll be blonde for a while.


2 thoughts on “Adventures in Hair

  1. The granules looks like dandruff, lol. Maybe people looked, didn’t read and thought that. Didn’t know what to say?

    Last time I dyed my hair I wanted to go from a light-ish brunette to cinnamon. I wound up with copper, red, purple-ish and brown hair. I refused to go out of the house so Mike’s teenage sister was kind enough to go get me another box of dye … darkish brunette. She also laughed so hard she fell down and cried when she saw my hair. I don’t *think* I’ve died since (she’s in her late 20’s now so it’s been awhile). I think when dying your hair it has to be what YOU like, not what others like. Going from a dark color to blonde is shocking. My oldest has hair that doesn’t take to dye well and does exactly what yours did. From the little bit you’re showing, though, I think it looks neat. Spunky. 🙂

    Oh, and I feel ya on the mirrors right down to the why. When I realized the exact same thing in my house, we got a full-length one. I’ve since lost 25 lbs, lol. Get one. It’s rough at first but you’ll be glad you did in the long run.

    • I think I’ll be waiting in the mirrors until I get a house. I’ve never tried to go purple all over and today it actually looks yellow like hay, it’s pretty strange!

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