In which I lament my reporting skills

After the past two weeks, I’m completely overwhelmed with GW2 news. There’s so much that they’ve thrown out there in the past 3 days (gamescom, which is with an M by the way, gamescon is in Leipzig not Cologne) that it’s nigh impossible for your one little GWReporter to cover it all solo. As a bit of a round-up, there’s this, this, this, these videos, this Q&A, and this awesome interview. Too much!

We had a super fun yesterday, Hubby had to stay home because both of the cars wouldn’t start. Seriously. No, I’m not kidding. We had to enlist help from his mum to get a jump and over to a WalMart with an auto center. Never did make it to WalMart, but he got a new battery and it sounds like the car is mostly fixed now. The car’s radio on the other hand appears to have blown a fuse or just quit working altogether. Since I’ve been battling with that radio since the backlighting went out back in 2007, I don’t really mind having to find a new one; I just don’t want the expense of putting in a new one :/ .

Now for the possible TMI section of Inspire Fellows, just skip it if you don’t want to know about children.

To make yesterday even *more* fun, Girly didn’t want to poop. She was gassy as hell and didn’t want to let herself poop. It’s especially strange because Kiddo would do the same thing, whenever we’re having a particularly stressful day they’ll both hold it in and make themselves irritable and awful. It makes for some super fun times. So of course this morning she had a super explode-o-rama, which was pretty expected given her fits of discomfort all night, she managed to get it everywhere but on her hair. Now we’ve bathed, dressed, nursed, washed her clothes, and now she’s passed out like she should have been all night.

With Girly being asleep and Kiddo sucked into I should be sewing. In fact, I’m going to do that *right* now.


1 thought on “In which I lament my reporting skills

  1. Overwhelmed is exactly how I feel about LotRO and all the update info this year. They’ve put so many dev diaries out and when you couple that with my ‘I’ll read it later’, it snowballs right into ‘OMG TOO MUCH!’ land. Ugh.

    I worked 12 hr night shifts after one of my sons was born. I’d wanted to feed him pureed spinach but did NOT like the blowouts that would follow hours later, every single time. So I’d feed him spinach right before going to work … and poor Mike would be stuck with the clean up. It wasn’t until, while he was in the middle of a diaper change, Matt blew out and got half the living room (Mike’s words) that Mike finally put it together and told me I was to never feed him spinach again. Looking back now I wonder if it was some sort of food allergy. We can laugh about it now, 20 years later….

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