Longish weekend


Steak & Shake 😀

This weekend has felt like a series of marathons back to back.

Friday night I met my dream home. I wasn’t expecting it and really, I’m still emotionally drained and torn over the house. It’s the most beautiful, charming home I’ve ever seen but in 5 years it will be way too small and I won’t want to let it go. It needs work, not a huge amount, but it is an old house (1926) so there might be a lot of hidden needs that we are unaware/unprepared for.

Early Saturday morning we got going to take Kiddo to a birthday party in McKinney. The drive wasn’t bad at all but it’s always kind of nerve-wracking for me to be around mostly unfamiliar people. Birthday boy’s Mum tried to get my number so we could start doing playdates during the week. Still trying to get the courage to even text her. In real life, I’m more than a little shy.

We drove out to Steak and Shake afterwards since kiddo was finally hungry to realize that Benj and I both were without ID and our regular bankcards. I managed to whip out my emergency card and save the day since we had already started our drinks.

Went home and napped. For 5 hours. It was probably the worst sleep I’ve had all week, but it still helped a lot. We were trying to get ready to go to another work friends party but Girly would have nothing to do with it. The nap was not enough for her!

Benj and I played some Terraria. I say some like it lasted for 15 minutes. At one point we ordered pizza and ate. By the time I went to bed we had played for 7 hours. SEVEN. I think if anyone from my Guild Wars group reads this they’ll be pissed I wasn’t doing all the dungeons we need before the next game comes out. I genuinely had fun goofing off with Benj in a great game and the kids actually let it happen. A rare and wonderful night indeed!

Now I said I went to bed after 7 hours. I didn’t say I slept. In passing before benj fell asleep at 2 I made sure it was okay for me to buy the next Harry Dresden book. Kiddo started fussing at 5 am, I was still awake and reading. Oops. I managed to sleep for a few hours after that.

Sunday was cold pizza for breakfast, WalMart to get kiddo new sneakers, and trying to get my quilt-top finished.