The OMG Huge Diaper Bag–Part 3

Now that you know how the main bag came together and how it was all orchestrated (don’t I sound smart!) the time has come to see all the accessories in the bag. But first we’ll see them *out* of the bag and a few notes on how they were planned and assembled.


Starting at the top left we’ve got a small coin purse, tri-fold wallet, Kiddo’s spare outfit bag, wet bag, changing pad, burping cloth, Girly’s spare outfit bag, and a first aid bag. You may notice that based on my planning sketch I’m missing a pacifier bag and clip, I kind of gave up on that after Girly decided that she doesn’t really like pacifiers.

db - coin purseHere’s the coin purse, there’s nothing remarkable about it, when it comes to how I did the zipper this tutorial is the best one I’ve seen out there. My execution of it during this project was less than stellar but it’s got some great tips.
It’s lined with polyurethane laminated fabric (PUL) so I could easily clean it out if need be.
db - wallet 1db - wallet 2Here’s my wallet, which is mostly based on this tutorial. I added a loop for a pen, unfortunately my pen tends to fall out of every time I open the wallet. On the upside I’ve got enough slots and pockets for just about everything I could ever carry.
db - kiddo's bagdb - girly's bagI made some extra outfit bags for Girly and Kiddo, hopefully I’ll be able to remember to keep them circulating for weather, seasons, etc. They were based on these wallets. I also used her method for attaching the snaps.
db - wet bagdb - first aid bagHere’s my wet bag on the far left. It’s loosely based on this one from A Lemon Squeezy Home. It’s smaller than I’d like but if one of the kids has an accident I should have enough room to store the clothes until I get home.
Closer is my first aid kit, which is really more of a catchall for chapstick, rubberbands, bandaids and whatever medicine I need to tote around. It’s lined with PUL fabric just like the wet bag to make sure that nothing leaks out. Went ahead and took the opportunity to use sport zippers as well.
db - changing padMy changing pad is probably most like this envelope one at Sewing Republic. I wanted the actual area for changing to be waterproof, so I used the PUL on the inner bit. On the bottom it’s got a pocket big enough for a portable wipe container and a few diapers. I ended up using some double fold bias tape to make it roll up sushi-ish style.
db - burp cloth 1db - burp cloth 2I always ended up using Kiddo’s cloth diapers as a burping cloth around the house, so why not just use those again? I used 2 full cloth diapers and quilted them together lightly and made a “box” around them to make them pretty Winking smile.

It took me maybe two weeks of casual sewing to get all the accessories done. Really if I didn’t have housework and Kiddo jumping all over me, I probably could’ve gotten it done in a few days. The bag works, although I think I am going to be adding some parachute buckles to help keep it closed. As it is now the flap keeps popping open when I’ve got some bulky blankets or stuffed animals in the main pocket. Otherwise, I’m very satisfied with its use over the past few weeks.

Of course, here’s a token picture of the kiddos because they’re cute Smile with tongue outkiddo and girly

EDIT: Part 1 and Part 2 are linked up here.


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