The OMG Huge Diaper Bag – Part 2

Now in case you were wondering what the inspiration for the whole project was, here ya go:


FabricWith this beautiful paisley of course!

I still maintain that I started off with the best of intentions with the construction of my main bag. The fact that it came out extremely wide is disappointing but pretty much what hubby told me from the very beginning of the planning stage. Did I bother to scale it down? Nope.

Lots of pictures and details after the break!

Here’s where I decided to quilt the front panel after I had already attached the front pockets *eyeroll* Quilting the front

Here’s the rest of the pieces for the outer parts of the bag: (left to right) Sides, Bottom, Front, and Back/Top Flap.

Parts 2Parts 1

After the outer bag was sewn together…

Construction Complete

With the flap lifted…Construction Complete 2

For the construction part and general idea of how to put the whole thing together I referenced this tutorial in particular. Then I fitted in the inner bag and started sewing the top rim with double bias tape.

Adding the double bias tape edging

After it was secured properly I attached the straps and got a shoulder pad put on it to add a little cushioning. I had wanted to do a strap like this, but the hardware apparently didn’t exist at my local craft shops. Highly disappointing!

Outer Main Bag

And here’s a peek inside while it was empty of all the accessories 🙂

Inner Pockets
EDIT: Part 1 and Part 3 are linked here.


4 thoughts on “The OMG Huge Diaper Bag – Part 2

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