Newborn Apron Dress


I had to take a breather from my massive diaper bag project and I realized I had a whole pile of blouses that were ready to go to Goodwill. Alternatively, I could recycle some of those to become some apron dresses. Sneaky self that I am I decided to go ahead and scale up a preemie pattern and make it reversible. I wish I had taken a picture of how I laid out the pattern, but I slashed the pattern and added about an inch under the arm hole and moved the center point about 1-1/2 inches away from the fold-line. Here’s a link to the write-up over on burdastyle along with the pattern (which handily fits on a single sheet of paper). I also did a zigzag topstitch around the bottom edge of the dress to help give it some body. I think once I had the fabric torn out and ready to be cut it only took 30 minutes of actual sewing time and most of that was cutting the corners on the inside to make it lay flat after turning.


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