Embargo Denial–GW2 News Leaks

asura_thief1Let me go ahead and say this: I love hearing about the new features of Guild Wars 2, most of the time it gets me even more excited to play the game than previously. Keeping that in mind, the last thing I want is for someone to put that information out there without the express permission of ArenaNet. GameTrailers.com leaked some video that I’m sure some of you watched/heard/read about. By now, I’m sure most people have seen as much as demo players at PAX East will be privy to (aside from actually playing the demo).

There’s been a long history during the development of Guild Wars 2 that they release information in advance to help out community sites, magazines, and other media outlets prepare for announces appropriately. Unfortunately, time and time again the ball is dropped somewhere and it’s an awful experience for everyone involved (yes, even the fans). Think for a second if you had saved up for the past six months to go to PAX East to get some juicy news from the ArenaNet booth and that experience was suddenly ripped away from you by a few overzealous people. Kinda sucks, eh? We saw it happen several times already and I’m not going to place blame on anyone in particular, but after a certain number of times shouldn’t you be willing to double check the dates with your source? I’m sure some of you will disagree, but I think the experience is a valid point.

The other thing that really upset me was the way community sites/independent sites jumped all over it as if they were all trying to proclaim “FIRST” in their most obnoxious voice. What redeemed them in my eyes was the way people, when they found out it was “accidental” leak, almost immediately pulled the information from their sites in order to be respectful towards ArenaNet’s policies. But what really crawled under my skin was when ArenaNet then changed their minds in the middle of the day and let Massively know they could publish their article with information from GDC. After that, everyone else felt comfortable relisting the posts/threads/etc. I can dig it, but once it’s gotten out there do you really want to try and suppress it instead of just rolling with it?

I’m sure I’m not the first person to be upset over the whole debacle, but I may be the only person who’s going to applaud them over the way they rolled with it this week. The way the blog posts have come out, fluidly with abundant information that appears to have been prepared well in advance, tells me that they were ready with a lot of these posts for this week. Granted the Thief reveal wouldn’t have happened until Friday at PAX, but the majority of what we’ve read this week wasn’t about the Thief.

EDIT: I apologize for the weird stream of consciousness of the article, I needed to vent desperately and somehow my personal blog is servicing this area of my life.


1 thought on “Embargo Denial–GW2 News Leaks

  1. Blogging is a funny beast and I think you’ve summed it up well. Some are more concerned with being first, or having more comments that they don’t consider others at all. Stepping on someone elses toes seems to go hand in hand for many. Sucks but such is the way it seems.

    I *much* prefer personal blogs and use my own to vent. Sometimes you need to say something flat out and that can be so much easier in a textual format. I do a ‘conversational’ blog so venting feels very natural for me. Don’t apologize, though. You ‘vented’ so much more fairly than I would have. 🙂

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