Rant: Maternity Clothes (You’ve been warned)

I understand that clothing that you’ll only ever wear for 9 months is a rather specialized category. Thing is, why should I pay 50$ for a pair of jeans that only cost 5 or 6$ more to make than a pair of regular jeans on the $14 rack. The corporations are still making a profit off of those $14 jeans in case you’re concerned on their behalf. So why do I need to spend so much money on clothes that, if it’s your last time through pregnancy, you’ll never wear again?

I found that I was very conservative the last time I was pregnant. I had one wrap-around skirt, one pair of jeans, and a few “longer” t-shirts. The rest of the time I lived in whatever would fit well enough for me to be comfortable at home. This time I ran into a snag, I started needing maternity clothes in the winter time, rather than getting out of them at this time of year. I survived the last few weeks with Kiddo by layering and layering and layering. All the the while with a very cold belly.  This time, I’ve got to survive through Winter and Spring and maintain comfort. Thankfully, some relatives purchased me enough shirts and a pair of pants that I should be set for going out a few times before laundry day. In North Texas, it’s been the mildest I’ve ever seen. Normally we would’ve had snow a few times already and we’ve yet to get even a really bad frost it’s only managed to be snowy for a couple days. I’m so thankful you have no idea.

I’ll be honest, I’m plus-sized. I have been since High School and a nasty knee surgery that still needs correction. Try to find plus-size maternity clothes at a normal box store.  Seriously, go see if Target or Wal-Mart has any at a brick & mortar store. What you end up doing is buying a size 26 and remodeling the whole zipper area to make it fit “okay” for the next few months. In the mean time, you notice that your legs are like broomsticks down the pant, so you end up taking in the side seams as well. At which point it would’ve been easier to just make pants from scratch or just wear some ugly pair of sweatpants the whole time because it’s easier. So that’s what I’ve done. I’m living in sweatpants and looking like a slob whenever I go out because it’s a lot easier than having to pay 50 or 60$ for something I’ll never wear again. No one even bothers to think I’m pregnant because of my size, I just look fat. Lovely.


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