Kinect Woes

If you think you have just enough room in your living room for a Kinect sensor to work properly, you’re probably wrong. We had it set up in front of where our television used to be, only to find out that 6 feet meant that it would pick up our computer chairs and whomever was seated in them. We didn’t realize that our entertainment stand wasn’t 2 feet off the ground, so we have the sensor resting on top of the Xbox.

I’m not entirely unhappy with this purchase, but I feel like it was way too early for the kiddo. He’s 3 years old, he has the attention span it takes for a short round of peekaboo, unless you’ve got an episode of Caillou playing on Netflix. Setting up the Kinect for him to use, was pretty much impossible. It doesn’t understand people under 4 feet, when we tried to setup the KinectID it displayed his avatar “crumpled” and kneeling. Way too weird, just seeing that made him laugh and act up enough that we tried to restart it 4 times for him. On the fifth try, we just gave up. Too much work. He wants to wave and jump in and play with his “Kitty-Tiger”(Kinectimals) but it’s just not happening. Maybe in a few years.

Thing is, I had problems with it recognizing me. Standing in full light, with no obstructions, it hated me. I understand it’s a new thing; if it doesn’t recognize you when you wave, they should add a tile on the Kinect Hub so that you can try to “wave in” again and get your identity. Rather than having to walk away completely and get it to reset itself, it would be a real time/mind-saver. Watching my child be frustrated wasn’t my idea of fun, and I’m pretty sure he would liked to have avoided that as well. I may just be in a grumpy mood, but that’s still one night that I’m not enjoying my purchase.


4 thoughts on “Kinect Woes

  1. I’ much rather use this for work than play 🙂

    Too many times I sit at my computer try to will the browser to navigate to the webpage I want. Looks like i’ll need to integrate the Kinect with the Emotiv.

    • We got kinectimals for the kiddo, but it seems like my Step-SIL is the biggest fan of it. Kinect adventures came with it and it’s not bad(read: good workout), but it’s very cheesy when it comes to content. We liked the kinect joyride but all we’ve done is the demo. It’d be nice if I could play this game sitting down, but you can’t with kinect.

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