I’M EATING A RAINBOW–Kiddo’s 3rd Birthday

CIMG2843Things are more than a little busy at our house around Christmas, Yseangwen’s birthday is on the 17th and Kiddo was born on the 19th. So between the birthdays, holiday parties and everything else during the season it seems all to easy to just go get a store-bought cake and call it done. This year, I opted for something a little different. The Omnomicon wasn’t the first person to attempt it, but it was the first place I’d seen it. Being that I’m indulging a bit, I opted to make it regular (non-diet) as opposed to the recipe there. First of all, in case you haven’t clicked the link, this isn’t your normal cake. Split up the batter into individual bowls 1/2c or more if you have large enough bowls. There should be 6 bowls filled to theCIMG2835 proper measurement and now it’s time for the colors. Ideally, you should have all the colors of the rainbow (Red-Orange-Yellow-Green-Blue-Indigo-Violet). For simplification, let’s say Indigo and Violet can be converted to Purple. So with Food Coloring Gels, not the liquid drops, add color to each of your bowls, stirring them until completely homogenous. Now you’ll want to put your cake mix into a greased CIMG2839and floured tin of your choice. If you’re going to do 2 rounds, try to make one following the order of the rainbow and one in the reversed order. Try to spread out the lowest layer, before spooning in the rest of the colors, by making circular motions with the pan on a flat surface. Bake the cake(s) as directed by the packaging or recipe.

With 2 boxes of white cake mix, I had enough to make two 9-inch rounds and an 8×8 square. I kept the 8×8 in the kitchen for a light snack during the afternoon. Without the frosting, it’s not terribly unhealthy I think. Though I could be terribly mistaken, only my scale will really be able to tell me once the holidays are over!

CIMG2842Once the cakes were finished I used a pack of “Funfetti White Vanilla Frosting”. Yseangwen was my froster, I’m honestly quite terrible at it. Which is surprising considering all those silly Wilton Cake Decorating classes I took as a kid. After we sang Happy Birthday, we dug in. The cutaway of the cake was so incredibly colorful. Kiddo seemed to enjoy the cake making a bit, but he really enjoyed eating it!




Let's Eat!


1 thought on “I’M EATING A RAINBOW–Kiddo’s 3rd Birthday

  1. Playing catchup… i took a vacation from Social Networks over winter break, and I must say this cake reminds me of someone eating a unicorn.

    Mmmmm So tasty!

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